2013-2014 College Track Annual Report - Page 2

20 14 A LETTER FROM THE CEO Dear Friends, privilege of meeting College Track alumni from our founding site in East selection, a college admissions advisor critiquing how President Johnson of the Black Freedom movement to her experience as an undocumented immigrant. Regardless of whether our students will work in technology, healthcare, education, government or even come back to work at College Track, our students have something to say. We believe that every child has the power to achieve their dreams, and that belief guides our work each day. Our young people possess so much passion and talent, but too often, they lack the access to cultivate it. As teachers, mentors, coaches and advisors, we can change that. In this annual report, we’ll share our progress through key metrics of quality, scale and sustainability. These measures track the standards with which our students will access opportunity and the evidence that we continue to be good stewards of our donors’ investments. For the Class of 2014, 89 percent of students matriculated to four-year students in Sacramento. We are grateful for the generosity of so many that made this promise a reality. FUN FACTS ABOUT ELISSA Q: Who’s your hero and why? A: My mother. She modeled for me the value of pride and hard work. Nothing was ever impossible for her and she always held me to high expectations. Q: Why did you choose a career at College Track? A: I know personally the transformative power of obtaining a four-year degree. Graduating from college allowed me to pursue my passions and I want every student to have that opportunity. This coming 2014-2015 academic year, we will welcome 500 new high school freshmen and expand our impact to the South Los Angeles community of Watts. Through our growth, we will hold fast to our belief that each student possesses a unique passion and talent to nurture. job interview upon graduation. Thank you for helping to grow and develop that strength within our students. Your commitment and support makes a difference for our College Track scholars each day. With gratitude, Elissa Salas