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Communicating Benefits of Segmental Pavement Systems An important initiative in building broader awareness is continuous communication to members, users and specifiers of segmental concrete pavements systems. ICPI communicates through its website, Interlock Design magazine, publications and several e-newsletters aimed at specific audiences. Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine Re- launched as Interlock Design In May 2012, ICPI re-launched the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Permeable pavement sales have steadily increased over the last three years, growing from 3.8% in 2009 to 5.1% of total sales in 2011 representing just under 30 million sf. In 2011, 78.4% of permeable pavements sales were placed in commercial applications and 21.6% in residential. ICPI’s industry sales survey represents the most current Magazine as Interlock Design information for the North American segmental concrete with a fresh look, improved con- pavement industry. The survey data applies to products tent and a robust online version. that conform to product definitions set by the American The magazine aims to increase Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or the Canadian awareness of technical considerations and inspire creative Standards Association (CSA). The 2012 survey reports on ICP and PICP applications in industrial, commercial, institu- 2011 sales data from 69 concrete paver companies and tional and municipal projects. The magazine also communi- estimates annual paver sales from a same respondent cates construction best practices and association resources sample to the universe of paver manufacturers. The survey to design professionals and contractors. was conducted by Industry Insights, a professional services The visually appealing re-design provides focused con- tent for design professionals and contractors in printed and online formats. The online version compliments the print survey firm specializing in trade and professional organiza- tions. magazine by offering follow-on stories, industry news and www.icpi.org events, plus noteworthy projects. The re-launched maga- The ICPI website contin- zine establishes a stronger connection with readers and a ues as the top resource clean, modern look. Created in cooperation with publish- in reaching federal, state ing house GLC Custom Media in Chicago, the magazine and local officials, design expanded opportunities for producer advertisers and plans professionals and con- to increase its 24,000 circulation next year. tractors. In 2012, ICPI launched a new service Paver Sales Increase in 2011 that allows property Results from the annual ICPI Industry Sales Survey indi- owners, specifiers and cated a 2.7% increase in total US paver sales and a 7% developers to request a increase in Canadian paver sales from 2010 to 2011. The quote from an ICPI contractor member company. The new commercial/municipal market represents 21.3% of total service promotes use of professional contractors special- sales and 78.7% is residential sales. izing in segmental pavement construction. Search results All North American Segmental Concrete Pavi r6W2#W&V&RFW&6r67&WFPfVVB56W2#( Cs֖Ɩ6bCBB֖Ɩ"FF( bR7&V6RR256W2fW"#( B6b2"W"6F( RRbFFfr&GV7B&GV7F( "rR7&V6RR2( rR7&V6R6F'FW&6( sRb5&GV7FF6W&6RЦ6&W@5V&W'B#