2012 Annual Report ICPI 2012AnnualReport_12202012-FINAL - Page 6

Hardscape North America All previous attendance records were topped at the 6th vided opportunities to hear best practices on construction annual Hardscape North America (HNA) held October and business topics from top industry leaders. Attendees 24-26, 2012 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louis- networked in round table discussions with fellow business ville, KY. Co-located with the Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE+Expo), HNA attendance increased by 43% and participation in the Distributor Program held on October 24 increased by 12% from 2011. Exhibit space increased by 8%. Contractors at HNA and GIE+EXPO attended live HNA demonstrations, educational sessions and workshops to learn how to add hardscape construction services to their &W6FVFB6W&67W7FW'2GvWr&w&0vW&RV6VBBF2V"( 2FR6G&7F"WV7WFfPv&6BFRGvFGf6VB&W6FVFfW FV666W'6RFR6G&7F"WV7WFfRv&6&ФGFVFVW2'&w6RW&G2BGFVFVW2vWBG2VGV6FFRWFF FVFV@( &6RF&V6fW'( v2FRFVRf"F2V.( 0F7G&'WF"v&6`6G&7F"WV7WFfRv&6'F6G2WGv&VB&VBF&RF67W762vFfVr'W6W72vW'0FRV7fRf&RFW'FVBFV7G&FVBpW&V&RfW'2BvFW"'VfbvVÃv0bvFW"vW&R7&VBFR7W&f6RbF2W&F FFVB57FFऔ5V&W'B#