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Lunch & Learn Presentations for Design Professionals In addition, ICPI increased deployment of Lunch ‘n’ Learn presentations by members to many design professional firms across the U.S. and Canada. Empowering the Sales Force through Education ICPI offers education programs that can empower a sales force to better inter- In 2012, ICPI webinars were attended by... 210 industry sales representatives act, collaborate with and sell to design professionals, developers and municipal 54 design professionals officials. In 2012, ICPI offered a series of webinars on educating the industry 96 contractors sales force about the wealth of ICPI resources available to support sales in these markets. Webinar attendance has increased from 2011 and are expected to continue to grow in 2013. More webinars planned for 2013! Education to Ensure the Future Growth of the Industry Another strategic goal is the adoption of segmental paving technologies in university curricula. The objec- tive is to educate students of landscape architecture and civil engineering programs on ICP and PICP benefits compared to other pavement types. So when students graduate and begin specifying projects, they are already aware of the world’s best pavement option. Landscape Architecture Curriculum To meet this goal, the ICPI Foundation for Education and Research teamed with the top- ranked University of Georgia’s College of Environmental Design to create an online cur- riculum on segmental concrete pavement for landscape architecture students. The website, www.PaveShare.org, provides technical materials and design concepts using segmental concrete pavements in a concise, easy-to-use online format. It provides an innovative ap- proach to exposing landscape architecture pro- www.paveshare.org fessors and students to interlocking concrete pavement and permeable interlocking concrete pavement systems. Civil Engineering Curriculum Modules Presented at PCA Professor’s Workshop ICPI was one of 14 associations sponsoring the 2012 Portland Cement Association (PCA) Professor’s Workshop for 30 university and college professors from across the U.S. and Canada. The workshop included topics such as integrated paving solutions, concrete pavement design, subgrade/base course design, sustainable pavements, pervious concrete, concrete pavers, Robert Bowers, P.Eng, ICPI Director of Engineering, presents PICP Design Pro Software to University Professors at the PCA Professor’s Workshop paving tools, research needs and other topics. The concrete paver session was presented by Robert Bowers, P. Eng., which included an overview of the ICPI civil engineering curriculum modules and several ICPI publications. The session also included an introduction to ICP and PICP technology. A reception was held where ICPI was able to demonstrate the Permeable Design Pro software. ICPI Annual Report 2012 5