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Educating the Industry

In January 2012 , ICPI established a new standing Education Committee , responsible for implementing and evaluating all ICPI educational programs for contractors , industry sales personnel , design professionals , and academia . The Education Committee devotes all of its time to these audiences via ICPI education programs , thus helping to reach strategic plan goals .
Improving Installation through Education
Now under the Education Committee , the Contractor Education Subcommittee has expanded its recognition for concrete paver installers with a roadmap called the “ Installer Development Program .” This provides a long-term structure for the professional development of concrete paver installers .
Advanced Residential Paver Technician Course Launched in 2012 , this two-day course provides advanced training for contractors involved in residential paver installation . The Advanced Residential Paver Technician Course provides training in some of the hottest topics in outdoor living , including specialty applications such as raised and multi-level patios , fireplaces , fire pits , grills , outdoor kitchens , pool decks and permeable interlocking concrete pavement . The course was developed in response to industry demand for advanced education for the residential market . An Advanced Residential Paver Technician Designation can be added to Concrete Paver Installer Certification if the participant also meets the minimum installation experience requirement in residential applications .
Increasing Awareness and Acceptance of Segmental Pavement Systems by Design Professionals and Specifiers To increase awareness and acceptance , ICPI staff has made numerous presentations at design professional workshops , national design professional related association seminars and conferences , and offered quarterly webinars with continuing education credits .
Workshops , Seminars , and Conference Sessions Presented by ICPI Staff at Industry Events In 2012 , ICPI staff presented at national and regional conferences with a large outreach to government officials and design professionals . Many of these events have helped achieve regulatory acceptance of PICP .
ICPI Technical Director , David Smith presents to government officials at the Federal Officials Seminar in Washington , DC .
Webinars for Design Professionals Webinars provide a cost-effective , convenient and timely education platform for building awareness of segmental concrete pavement among design professionals . ICPI continues to expand its database of design professional contacts for promoting webinars .
4 ICPI Annual Report 2012
Educating the Industry In January 2012, ICPI established a new standing Education Committee, re- sponsible for implementing and evaluating all ICPI educational programs for contractors, industry sales personnel, design professionals, and academia. The Education Com ֗GFVRFWfFW2bG2FRFFW6RVFV6W2f5VGV6ЧF&w&2FW2VrF&V67G&FVv2v2ख&fr7FFF&VvVGV6FrVFW"FRVGV6F6֗GFVRFR6G&7F"VGV6F7V&6֗BЧFVR2WFVBG2&V6vFf"67&WFRfW"7FW'2vF&F6VBFR( Ė7FW"FWfVVB&w&( F2&fFW2rFW&7G'V2ЧGW&Rf"FR&fW76FWfVVBb67&WFRfW"7FW'2Gf6VB&W6FVFfW"FV666W'6PV6VB#"F2GvF6W'6R&fFW2Gf6VBG&rf"6G&2ЧF'2ffVB&W6FVFfW"7FFFRGf6VB&W6FVFfW FV666W'6R&fFW2G&r6RbFRGFW7BF72WFF Ɨfr6VFr7V6GƖ6F27V62&6VBBVFWfVF2f&W6W2f&RG2w&2WFF"F6V2FV62BW&V&RFW&6r67&WFRfVVBFP6W'6Rv2FWfVVB&W76RFGW7G'FVBf"Gf6VBVGV6Ff"FR&W6FVF&WBGf6VB&W6FVFfW"FV66FW6vF6&RFFVBF67&WFRfW"7FW"6W'Ff6FখbFR'F6B6VWG2FR֖V7FFWW&V6P&WV&VVB&W6FVFƖ6F2ख7&V6rv&VW72B66WF6R`6VvVFfVVB77FV2'FW6v&fW762B7V6fW'0F7&V6Rv&VW72B66WF6R57Ffb2FRVW"ЦW2&W6VFF2BFW6v&fW76v&62FFW6v&fW76&VFVB766F6V֖'2B6fW&V6W2BffW&VBV'FW&ǒvV&'2vF6FVrVGV6F7&VFG2v&626V֖'2B6fW&V6R6W760&W6VFVB'57FfbBGW7G'WfVG0#"57Ffb&W6VFVBBFB&Vv6fW&V6W0vF&vRWG&V6FvfW&VBff62BFW6v&fW2Ч62bFW6RWfVG2fRVVB6WfR&VwVF'5FV66F&V7F"FfB6֗F&W6VG0FvfW&VBff62BFRfVFW&ff606V֖"v6wFD266WF6Rb5vV&'2f"FW6v&fW760vV&'2&fFR67BVffV7FfR6fVVBBFVǒVGV6FFf&f"'VFrv&VW72`6VvVF67&WFRfVVBrFW6v&fW76256FVW2FWBG2FF&6RbFW6v&fW766F7G2f"&FrvV&'2@5V&W'B#