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Vision ICPI supports members in assuring segmental pavement systems are the preferred choice for sustainable and environmentally friendly pavements in North America. “Pavers in every project.” Key Performance Indicators by 2019: • Increase square foot per capita from 2.1 to 4 • Increase PICP sales from 14 to 100 million sf • Ensure that all North American Civil Engineering and Landscape Architectural university programs include pavers as a viable pavement choice • Increase Institutional, Commercial and Industrial and Municipal markets to 50% of industry annual sales • Change government specifications to accept segmental concrete pavements as a viable alternative to asphalt • Increase number of active certified installers from 13,700 to 27,400 2012–13 Special Board Committees Strategic Planning Special Committee Office Space Options Special Committee This special committee is developing a strategic plan for As a means to reduce operating costs, this committee is implementation by ICPI from 2013 through 2016. investigating options for leasing or purchasing ICPI office Commercial Technical Promotion Special Committee facilities. The group will make a recommendation to the Board on funding options prior to the current lease expira- tion in November 2013. This committee is developing a targeted technical promo- tional program focused on the commercial market. This 20th Annual Meeting Special Committee group emerged from discussion on regional staff engineers This special committee is planning a 20th Anniversary event and is focusing on refining technical staff roles and evaluat- as part of the 2014 Annual Meeting. Considerations include ing technical programs to further benefit all members. the event theme, sponsorships, entertainment, special Hardscape North America Steering Special Committee invitees, promotion, marketing and budget. This group develops the educational program, strategies, ICPI/NCMA Plant Certification Special Committee schedule of events and promotion for Hardscape North This joint ICPI and NCMA committee recently established America (HNA). minimum QC/QA technical requirements and procedures Dues Equity Special Committee for manufacturers of dry cast concrete products. This is in response to some public transportation agencies requiring This committee is charged to develop an equitable dues industry based QC/QA programs for products and in project structure for all member categories and engaged a con- specifications. sultant to research member value and develop alternative dues models. 2 ICPI Annual Report 2012