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Staff ICPI runs with a small, efficient staff headed by an Executive Director who oversees all aspects of the Institute. The Insti- tute is supported by a Technical Director plus Directors of Engineering and Marketing and Membership. In addition, there is a Manager of Administration and Communications who manages the office and communications with members. The Manager of Education oversees ICPI’s many educational programs and opportunities. ICPI also has a Manager of Meetings to look after member gatherings, HNA and other events. Compared to most trade associations ICPI has a high level of member involvement making it a dynamic and creative organization. Staff serves as liaisons to the committees that align with their expertise. ICPI also has two administrative support staff supporting Institute member services. Charles McGrath, CAE Alison Brosius, Executive Director, Ext. 209 Staff liaison with officers, Executive Committee, Board of Manager of Administration and Communications, Ext. 203 Directors, and Government Relations Committee. Day-to- Staff liaison with Membership, Meetings and Trade Show day management of staff, programs and resources, ICPI Committee, office administration, member communica- Foundation. tions, website updates. David R. Smith Jackie Conklin Technical Director, Ext. 201 Manager of Education, Ext. 205 Technical information, staff liaison to the ICPI Technical Staff liaison with Education Committee, Contractor Educa- and ICPI Foundation Program Committees, Interlock Design tion Subcommittee, education program development magazine editorial, tech specs, design manuals, ASTM and administration for producers, contractors and design committee liaison, design professional continuing educa- professionals. tion, product certification, and research project manage- ment. Laura Garcia Manager of Meetings, Ext. 208 Robert Bowers, P. Eng. Staff liaison with Hardscape North America Steering Spe- Director of Engineering, Ext. 213 cial Committee, registration and logistics of Annual and Technical information, staff liaison with Construction Summer Meetings and Hardscape North America. Committee, Canadian Government Relation Subcommit- tee, paver installer instructor schools, installer develop- Jess Capuria ment program courses and manuals editorial, contractor Membership Services Coordinator, Ext. 207 and installer continuing education, university professors Membership information, dues invoices, publication or- workshops, Canadian Planning Meeting, tech specs, CSA ders, address corrections and general information. Standards liaison, Design Professional Update, Contractor Focus and Engineer’s View magazine articles, research. Joshua Dombroski Jessica Chase, CAE Paver installer certification, continuing education, certifica- Director of Marketing and Membership, Ext. 212 tion renewal Program Coordinator, Ext. 229 Staff liaison with Marketing Committee, Dues and Bylaws Committee and Chapter Subcommittee, public relations, marketing and promotion, membership development, chap- ter relations, Interlock Design magazine, ICPI websites. Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute ICPI Annual Report 2012 13921 Park Center Road Tel: (703) 657-6900 Suite 270 Fax: (703) 657-6901 Herndon VA 20171 Email: icpi@icpi.org 17