2012 Annual Report ICPI 2012AnnualReport_12202012-FINAL - Page 13

ICPI performed a simulated ASTM surface infiltration test, Congressman LoBiondo demonstrating the tremendous utility of permeable pavements is a member of the House in allowing stormwater infiltration, an important benefit in most Transportation and Infra- locations but especially in New Orleans. ICPI also briefed the structure Committee. The Senator on other public policy benefits offered by concrete pav- House Committee was in- ers, including the rapid ability to conduct repairs, and to dovetail strumental this summer in with green construction/landscaping. passing MAP-21, a compre- ICPI is developing a close working relationship with Sena- hensive transportation bill tor Vitter due to his Committee influence over USDOT and EPA. authorizing $105 billion for Senator Vitter was generous with his time and engaged the highway and other trans- industry attendees with probing questions. The Senator came portation construction, re- away with a much clearer understanding of how concrete pavers search and demonstration can play an important role in the evolving public policy integrat- projects throughout the ing stormwater management and green infrastructure in federal, United States. MAP-21 is the most important federal legislation state and local policy. influencing transportation policy in America. Congressman LoBiondo Participates in Permeable Pavement Demonstration with EP Henry and ICPI PaverPAC In an effort to advocate increased adoption of permeable industry to contribute to the support of select members of pavement solutions by the environmental protection and Congress. PaverPAC is the political voice, and the political asset, transportation agencies, EP Henry and ICPI jointly hosted a of ICPI members in advancing their legislative and regulatory special event and demonstration for U.S. Representative Frank agenda in Washington DC. PaverPAC solicits and accepts volun- A. LoBiondo (R-NJ-02) in November 2012 at the Woolwich tary personal contributions for expenditures that influence the Township Municipal Building in Swedesboro, NJ. selection, nomination, or election of such representatives. ICPI performed an ASTM surface infiltration test, demonstrat- ing the tremendous utility of permeable pavements in allowing interested in the future of the interlocking concrete pavement During its short existence, PaverPAC has already achieved federal “qualified” status while building its coffers and con- tributing to a growing list of political candidates, who dem- “Concrete pavers play an onstrate leadership, support business and construction, show important role in local an interest in transportation issues that impact ICPI members, construction projects and share views of ICPI members. Congressman LoBiondo. Canadian Government Relations Subcommittee “In addition to laying The Canadian Government Relations subcommittee was es- the foundation for safe tablished to identify Canadian legislative and regulatory issues infrastructure and beauti- affecting the industry. Activities include, but are not limited to, ful communities, they promote and defend industry interests concerning Canadian are helping to grow our government policy and legislative proposals that might impact economy while finding the ICPI mission, establishing ICPI as the voice for segmental innovative ways to help concrete pavements among Canadian legislative bodies and protect our environment. regulatory agencies, and promote the use of segmental concrete Whether it’s technology pavements in Canadian government agencies’ procurement poli- to help overcome flood cies, design guidelines and specifications. The first meeting of control problems or the subcommittee was held in November 2012. driven economy,” said ICPI Annual Report 2012 The ICPI PaverPAC provides the opportunity for members stormwater infiltration. and our small business- Senator David Vitter (R-LA) (left) watches a simulated ASTM 1701 surface infiltration test, demonstrating the speed that the water infiltrates the surface of permeable interlocking concrete pavement systems. Congressman LoBiondo Participates in Permeable Pavement Demonstration with EP Henry and ICPI improving water quality via stormwater filters, it’s a win-win situation.” 13