2012 Annual Report ICPI 2012AnnualReport_12202012-FINAL - Page 10

Research ICPI and the ICPI Foundation for Education and Research advance knowledge in interlocking concrete pavement through technical research. In 2012, several research projects were of note. University of New Hampshire PICP Research be prototyped and tested by summer 2013. A key aspect Started two years ago, the University of New Hampshire of the University’s work for the Foundation and BIA is U.S. Stormwater Center (UNHSC) monitored runoff from a Access Board acceptance of the measurement technology 13,500 sf (1,350 m2) PICP site in the university campus and inclusion in the ADA Design Guidelines, or eventu- center. Monitoring concluded in June 2012 and a final ally in an ASTM standard. ICPI’s participation influences report was issued by the UNH Stormwater Center in late the outcome and possibly prevents loss of market share. October. The PICP test area is on high infiltration soils and Development of smoothness/ vibration standards favorable provided little outflow via underdrains from over 15 storms. to segmental pavements could better position the industry When approved by the Foundation, the report will be avail- over the long term, ultimately selling more pavers. able on the UNHSC website with a summary fact sheet, The pavement smoothness measurement device should and porous asphalt performance research. UNHSC research UC Davis PICP Structural Testing Moving Forward obtains substantial exposure at stormwater and LID confer- As a pressing need for PICP market development, structural ences. testing and validated design charts rank high. To address and will accompany other reports on pervious concrete Staff contributed to a seminar on PICP in June 2012 at this need, the ICPI Foundation Trustees approved funding, UNHSC where 40 persons attended, as well as several ICPI with the California Nevada Cement Association and the members. There will likely be a second UNHSC seminar Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada in spring 2013. UNHSC is vi ]YH]H[][X\[Y[X\܈[ \[HX\[\[[][Y[ܛ]]\Y[Y\\HXZ܈ݚY\و[X\YKHو\Yۈ\܈P [[[Xܘ]ܞH\[\œYۈ[\ܛX[H[ܛX][ۋ[ \[HY\[وP[HۙHHH[]\]B\ڙX8&\X\\YHH[][ۈ[PBو[YܛXH][Y[\X\[\ PH[]\˂[H[[H\X\۝X \۝X][ۜHPH[][ۈ\ܝ[Y\YHوHڋBHPHY[X\HܝX\ۘܙ]HX\ۜH\HXۜX[ۈ[ڙXYZ[\][ۋX][ۋ[HܝX\\[Y[\\\X][ۈY][ۘ[[][ۈ\ܝ[Y\]Y]وH\܈X]\X[[ۜX[ۈوHP\\XKܘ[H[]\X\[]Y]وH]H܈\XKB[ۈY^K]]\X\H[]YHۜ[[ X][]\]Hو]؝\Y][”[\YH\]H  وو\YXXH]\\HZ[ۘ]YH[PBHPH[][ۈY[YH\X\ڙX]HHڙX[]\[ˈ\[H[\ܝ[[[KB[]\]Hو]؝\][HY][[\[[[[P\YۈZY[KYX\\[Y[]XKH[]\]Hو]؝\\BY[X\[[\YܙYYݚYHXX[]Y]ق[YHܛ\]ۙXYY[Z\\][Y[[\XHHP\X\[[\ݙY[ۈYY\܈PH[PH[ [ Hܚ]H LPH[[Y\YY][H[][ۈ\ B\[[H\\]H[]\]x%KˈX\\۝XݙY[[܈Hܛ۝[Y[ۈۜ\][ۂ][X\[Hܚ]\XH܈Y][[\]]ܚ]H JH۝[YH[ۚ]ܚ[و\[\\YKB܈Y[Z\\\[[][X[TH[\܈XH][Y[\\ ܛ\\[ \[\ۘܙ]BYX\\[[\ˈ\X\[Hܚ]\[ۈ][ۘ[ H[P H]Z\\[X\ܛ۝ˈ[\H]\B^\Y[Z\\\Yܝ[Y][X\X[]KYYH\۝X]ܜ]PH[Y][[HH[][ۈ[PH\H[[HXH[ۚ]ܚ[ݙ\YX\ˈHH[[^[YX\\H[\ˈ[ۚ]ܚ[[\YX\ˈHP\[[[][ۜ]HٙX\][^H]\H[][ۂۛܜ˂LPH[X[\ܝ L