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Stormwater Runoff Solution: Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement Video This short video discuss- es current stormwater management practices and shows how perme- able interlocking con- crete pavement (PICP) can be used as part of an effective sustainable, low impact development response to today’s stormwater management problem. The PICP video is a great tool to use when visiting design professionals or municipal officials to give them a quick informative introduction to permeable pavement. on the binder spine and front cover for easy referencing. The ICPI Tech Spec Binder is a perfect tool to use when visiting design professionals to discuss their interlocking concrete pavement plans. Structural Design Software ICPI released new software to calculate base thicknesses for interlocking concrete pavements. The Microsoft Excel program is based on the American Society of Civil Engi- neers (ASCE) Transportation and Development Institute standard for structural design of interlocking concrete pavements. The software program receives user inputs on ESALs and soils information and it provides various base and subbase thickness design options. Base and subbase options include unbound compacted aggregate, as well as asphalt-treated, cement-treated and asphalt concrete . E-Newsletters Scan to view PICP video 4th Edition PICP Design Manual In 2011, ICPI released the 4th edition of its popular manual, Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements—Design Specifica- tions Construction Maintenance. The 100-page book with over 60 illustrations represents a signifi- cant progress in PICP technol- ogy compared to the 60-page 3rd edition released five years ago. With over 30,000 copies of t he previous three editions distributed since 2000, the 4th edition comes with a new cover, expanded technical content and 80- plus technical references. The manual is written for civil engineers, landscape architects, architects, stormwater agency staff, pavement engineers, as well as those manufacturing, constructing and maintaining PICP. ICPI distributes several electronic newsletters to its members, certified installers and the design community. Each e-newsletter is geared to the unique needs of its audience. Design Professional Update: A quarterly update on the latest news on interlocking concrete pave- ments specifically for design professionals. Stringline: A quarterly update designed specifically for contractors. This quarterly electronic newsletter for contractors provides news, business tools, instal- lation tips, how-to’s and highlights ICPI resources. Paver Express: A weekly e-news brief designed to keep members informed on industry news that directly impacts the daily operation of their busi- nesses. (ICPI members only). The Prospector: A quarterly newsletter designed specifically for field salespeople covering everything from sales tips to industry news and ICPI resources available for the field salesperson. (ICPI members only). Tech Specs Binder—A Complete Set of all ICPI Technical Bulletins The ICPI Tech Specs Binder contains one complete set of all 17 ICPI Tech Specs in an easy- to-access format. The 3-ring binder includes front and back cover pockets to insert addi- tional information. CSI Master Format section number “32 14 13 Precast Concrete Unit Paving” is conveniently included ICPI Annual Report 2011 7