2011 Annual Report 2011 ICPI Annual Report - Final - Page 6

Increasing Awareness and Acceptance of Segmental Pavement Systems by Design Professionals and Specifiers A key strategic initiative is increasing awareness and acceptance of segmental pavement systems by design profes- sionals and specifiers. ICPI accomplishes this through education. ICPI staff presents at industry workshops, seminars, and conference sessions, offers quarterly webinars that provide continuing education to design professionals, and has developed design professional presentations for member use and delivery. Workshops, Seminars, and Conference Sessions Presented by ICPI Staff at Industry Events In 2011, ICPI staff presented at several key industry events. Events were targeted to have the largest reach among government and design professionals and where participation helps achieve regulatory acceptance of segmental concrete pavements. Webinars for Design Professionals Webinars provide a convenient and timely delivery method to provide education and build awareness of segmental concrete pavement systems to design profes- sionals. ICPI continues to expand its database of design professional contacts for promoting webinars. Presentations for Design Professionals Presentations to support continuing education for design professionals are offered by manufacturers and distributors. The presentations include a PowerPoint presentation and script for presenters. Several presen- tations were updated in 2011 to incorporate the latest developments in industry technology. Empowering the Sales Force through Education ICPI offers education programs that help empower a sales force to better interact, collaborate with and sell to design professionals, developers and municipal officials. In 2011, ICPI offered a series of webinars that focused on educating the industry sales force on the wealth of ICPI resources available to support sales in these markets. 4 Education to Ensure the Future Growth of the Industry To increase awareness and acceptance of segmental concrete pavement systems as a durable, sustainable and viable pavement option compared to asphalt and poured-in-place concrete calls for a change in percep- tion among those specifying pavement systems in low- speed and pedestrian applications. To do this, ICPI set a strategic goal to achieve adoption of segmental paving technologies in university curricula. The objective is to educate landscape architecture and civil engineering stu- dents on the benefits and uses of segmental concrete pavements as compared to other pavement types so when they graduate and begin to specify projects, they are already aware of the world’s best pavement option. To meet this goal, the ICPI Foundation for Education and Research teamed with the top ranked University of Georgia’s College of Environmental Design to create an online curriculum on segmental concrete pavement for landscape architecture students. Professor Doug Pardue, ASLA, headed the project team in developing a web-based curriculum for university landscape archi- tecture educators and students in the U.S. and Canada. The ICPI Foundation engaged Professor Pardue to create the content and deliver it in a concise, easy-to-use online format. The intent of the site is to supplement and enrich existing landscape architecture courses with technical materials and design concepts using segmental concrete pavements. The website is an innovative approach to exposing landscape architecture professors and students to the family of concrete paving products and systems. Landscape architecture professors interested in using the curriculum can review the program at: http://ced-icpi.ced.uga.edu/. ICPI Annual Report 2011