2011 Annual Report 2011 ICPI Annual Report - Final - Page 5

Improving Installation through Education New Residential Paver Technician Course A 2011 focus for the Contractor Education Subcommittee was building an education roadmap for concrete paver installers. The roadmap called the “Installer Develop- ment Program” provides a long-term structure for all constractor-related education programs. It also provides installers with a continuing path for advancing instal- lation knowledge through education. Concrete paver installers begin with the Concrete Paver Installer Cer- tification and then select a residential or commercial technician designation to build knowledge in the use of pavers in a specific market segment. Installers can acquire additional specialized knowledge by obtaining a specialist designation, such as the PICP Specialist. Each program requires minimum installation experience in the specific application area and the successful comple- tion of an exam. Installers are required to maintain their certification through continuing education. For specific requirements, visit www.icpi.org/education. As an advanced-level curriculum, the Residential Paver Technician Course builds upon the Concrete Paver Install- er Course and provides specific instruction on speciality residential installations. The two-day course concludes with an exam, and its successful completion results in a Record of Completion. A Residential Paver Technician designation can be earned if the participant also meets the minimum installation experience requirements. The course builds on basic installation techniques and includes the following advanced-level subjects: • Overlays • Raised and Multi-level Patios • Fireplaces, Grills and Outdoor Kitchens • Pool Decks • Material Estimating • Advanced Business Practice s ICPI Installer Development Program CERTIFIED INSTALLER Concrete Paver Installer Course + TECHNICIAN SPECIALIST Commercial Paver Technician Course PICP Specialist Course or Residential Paver Technician Course ICPI Annual Report 2011 + and Future Specialist-Level Course Commercial Paver Professional = or Residential Paver Professional 3