2011 Annual Report 2011 ICPI Annual Report - Final - Page 3

The third initiative was exploring a merger between ICPI and NCMA. The Research Special Committee was charged with engaging in discussions with NCMA to consider an umbrella concrete products industry association or other organizational formats that provide greater value to members. This committee spent countless hours in discussion and in meetings with NCMA representatives. Ultimately, the ICPI Board determined not to move forward with a merger. However, what came of this effort was increased collaboration with NCMA in common marketing and education areas. The Hardscape Initiatives Special Committee recommended strategies and promotional programs for hardscape products represented by ICPI and NCMA consistent with their strategic plans. Collaboration continues on developing a single consolidated contractor educa- tion roadmap for both associations, an education roadmap for field sales personnel including certification for SRW, ICP and PICP, a combined market sales survey for all products and a joint plant certification program. These programs will be monitored by joint officer meetings. The Regional Engineer and Promotion Special Committee was formed as a result of the Strategic Marketing Plan. The program aims to support members by increasing municipal and commercial markets through presentations to cities, coun- ties and state or provincial DOTs, as well as regional and national accounts. ICPI regional engineers have a unique role to promote industry best practices through education and are not operating from a sales perspective. The special committee is evaluating funding models, regions and scope of the program. Each of these initiatives led to greater strategic focus and a better aligned organization. Our goal is to better posi- tion members for future sales as the construction sector recovers. Even with the implementation of these initiatives and the continued support of our volunteers and staff, as members we must commit to hard work and investment in order to transform the culture and pavement preferences within the commercial and municipal markets. Developing the commercial and municipal market is difficult in this economy. It takes time, patience and long-term commitment. However, our strategic plan recognizes these markets are mostly undeveloped and awaiting transformation. Thanks to our committees implementing our strategic plan, ICPI tools are in place to support commercial and municipal sales by members. I challenge each member to use ICPI sales tools developed for your benefit, have your sales staff attend ICPI webinars and present at least five ICPI lunch-n-learns to design professionals this year. Transforming the market is about creating a new culture among specifiers about our superior paving systems. We must all look at the long-term return on investment and decide to collectively move ahead. Together, we can trans- form the market. Sincerely, Roberto Nicolia ICPI Chairman of the Board President, Nicolock Paving Stones, Inc. Mission The mission of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute is to increase the application of segmental concrete pavement systems in North American commercial, institutional, governmental, industrial and residential markets. 2010-2013 Strategic Plan Goals Goal 1: Develop and implement a sustainability marketing plan for the institutional, commercial, and industrial markets. Goal 2: Increase awareness and acceptance of segmental pavement systems by design professionals and specifiers. Goal 3: Increase awareness and acceptance of segmental pavement systems by government at all levels. Goal 4: Achieve adoption of segmental paving technologies in university curricula Goal 5: Improve paver installation through education Goal 6: Grow and retain membership to achieve positive annual growth