2011 Annual Report 2011 ICPI Annual Report - Final - Page 12

Government Affairs Representing the concrete paver industry, ICPI continues implementing legislative and regulatory lobbying initia- tives, designed to benefit ICPI member business inter- ests. Transportation Authorization Bill ICPI supports a comprehensive Transportation Autho- rization Bill, a primary vehicle for new transportation infrastructure funding, and possibly a Green Transpor- tation Infrastructure provision to benefit PICP. ICPI has offered legislation for the bill that would attack “barriers to adoption” that are limiting state and local govern- ments from adopting ICP/pavers for use in lucrative large government and institutional applications. ICPI is continuing lobbying efforts to build and solidify legislative and political allies on both sides of the Hill to support ICPI’s language, if and when a bill is passed by both bodies and proceeds to a House-Senate conference. Green Transportation Infrastructure R&D, Tech Transfer (HR2030) ICPI’s efforts increase market penetration of permeable pavements are attractive in both transportation and environmental legislative venues. Thus, other possible legislative vehicles that could benefit prospects for green pavements/permeable pavements legislation include HR2030, the Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act of 2011. HR2030 would establish three to five Centers of Excellence for Green Infrastructure to conduct re- search on green infrastructure stormwater reduction and other environmental benefits; develop manuals and set industry standards on best management practices for use by State and local governments and the private 10 sector; provide technical assistance to State and local governments to assist with green infrastructure projects; assist colleges to develop green infrastructure curricula; and evaluate regulatory and policy issues about green infrastructure. Under the bill, universities would be able to apply for Green Infrastructure grants to conduct these operations.  ICPI Meets with EPA Green Infrastructure Initiative Staff ICPI supports, and is working with EPA staff to imple- ment, federal government efforts to improve and expand EPA regulatory policy to enhance watershed manage- ment, water quality and flood control by using perme- able pavements. ICPI has met with EPA staff to offer technical support and ICPI involvement in pilot programs to efforts to push out Best Management Practices including permeable pavements to 10 test bed cities, with plans by EPA to expand to further cities in the future. With ICPI help, EPA has developed strongly posi- tive views of permeable pavements. EPA has endorsed permeable interlocking concrete pavement systems as a Best Management Practice. Trade, Cross-border Commerce U.S. and Canada ICPI supports fair and open trade between the U.S. and its North American trading partners, most importantly Canada. ICPI has participated in multiple business efforts to oppose protectionist legislation on Capitol Hill. ICPI also supports negotiations between the U.S. and Canada to ease restrictions on legitimate and routine cross-bor- der business travel by very low risk business executives in ICP-related industries. On July 20, 2011, ICPI sent a letter to the White House office of the National Security ICPI Annual Report 2011