(201) Best of Bergen 2016 Edition - Page 61

Nu Construction oversized turtleneck $182, Big Star stretchy jeans $88, (holding) Allens faux fur vest $298 and English Factory netted blouse $92, all available at Shopettes, Ridgewood BEST FASHION BOUTIQUE Shopettes ANNE-MARIE CARUSO 22 CHESTNUT ST., RIDGEWOOD, (201) 444-4141, SHOPETTES.COM Newcomer to the fashion boutique scene is Ridgewood’s Shopettes, owned and operated by Marilyn Temiz and Tanya Bas, who keep a watchful eye on the style scene. With their slogan, “Unique fashion pieces for women who like to wear their style on their sleeve,” Shopettes’ collection is offered both in store and online. RUNNERS-UP: ALBA RIDGEWOOD THE FIG LEAF MAYWOOD LUDOVICA WESTWOOD SUITE 201 RIDGEWOOD Boutique faves among readers are Ridgewood’s Alba and Suite 201, which offer carefully selected collections of fine clothing and accessories for women. New to the list this year are The Fig Leaf, which offers both casual and formal wear, and Ludovica, Bergen’s go-to destination for boho fashions.