(201) Best of Bergen 2016 Edition - Page 60

Shopping As the largest retail region in the nation, billion-dollar Bergen has hands-down bragging rights for the best malls, best downtown districts and best overall shopping experiences to be found anywhere. FEATURING THE BEST ANTIQUE SHOP ART GALLERY | CONSIGNMENT SHOP FASHION BOUTIQUE | WORKOUT WEAR CHILDREN’S BOUTIQUE | DRY CLEANER TAILOR | SHOE REPAIR | NURSERY GIFT SHOP | HOME STORE | CAR WASH PAINT STORE | DOWNTOWN SHOPPING OUTDOOR STORE | BIKE SHOP SIDEWALK SALE | CAR WASH BEST NURSERY Rohsler’s Allendale Nursery and Florist 100 FRANKLIN TURNPIKE, ALLENDALE (201) 327-3156, ROHSLERS.COM With nine wins to its credit, there’s no doubt that Rohsler’s remains a top-notch nursery and florist in Bergen. This five-generation family business has left an indelible mark on the Bergen landscape. RUNNER-UP: STONEHOUSE NURSERY WYCKOFF Top quality planting materials and excellent customer service are just two of the reasons gardening enthusiasts point their wheelbarrows to Stonehouse. BEST BIKE SHOP Cyclesport Sal Lauretta 621 GODWIN AVE., MIDLAND PARK (201) 444-1666, SALLAURETTA.COM Meticulously tailored and custom-fit clothing are the hallmark of Sal Lauretta and his son, Ralph, who own and operate the business. The tailor’s tailors, this team can fit a suit to perfection. 58 2016 EDITION | (201) BEST OF BERGEN GUIDE RUNNERS-UP: RIDGEWOOD CYCLE RIDGEWOOD WESTWOOD CYCLE WESTWOOD Ridgewood Cycle and Westwood Cycle operate in high gear to keep the pedals turning for their customers. These businesses know where the rubber hits the road. CHRIS MARKSBURY BEST TAILORING FOR MEN 1 HAWTHORNE AVE., PARK RIDGE (201) 391-5269, CYCLESPORTONLINE.COM Cyclesport sped past the competition this year to recapture the top spot as best bike shop in Bergen. Cycling enthusiasts demand the best from their bike shops and Cyclesport glides into the finish line.