(201) Best of Bergen 2016 Edition - Page 49

BEST HEALTH FOOD STORE Organico 495 N. FRANKLIN TURNPIKE, RAMSEY, (201) 934-5511 ORGANICOGROCERYCAFE.COM The demand for organic products continues to grow in Bergen and Organico is meeting those demands with fervor. A three-time poll winner, this business continues to offer breakfast, lunch and dinner to a growing base of loyal customers. It may surprise readers to learn that organic, specifically Organico has been a part of Bergen for more than 35 years. Sogno Coffeehouse 425-429 BROADWAY, WESTWOOD (201) 497-3628, CAFFEANELLO.COM So many brews, so little time. Readers have spilled the proverbial beans to share their love for this coffee castle. Don’t miss the dark and white hot-chocolate flavored with Nutella and even Reese’s peanut butter cups. RUNNERS-UP: COOL BEANS ORADELL MOON DOGGIE MAYWOOD RIDGEWOOD COFFEE HOUSE RIDGEWOOD This trio of popular coffee houses continues to brew a recipe for success and gets high marks from readers. Milk and sugar? BEST GOURMET MARKET Market Basket 813 FRANKLIN LAKE ROAD, FRANKLIN LAKES (201) 891-2000, MARKETBASKET.COM What can you say about a business that for 10 years in a row has been voted the best gourmet market in Bergen? Clearly, it’s the best and readers say so. It’s an experience to walk through the aisles of this popular market – especially when you hit the deli counter and prepared foods area. Choices are endless. Don’t miss the flowers or specialty candies either. >> SOGNO: ANNE-MARIE CARUSO; BETH BALBIERZ; MARKET BASKET: CHRIS MARKSBURY; B&M, ORGANICO & MAYWOOD: BETH BALBIERZ BEST LOCAL COFFEE HOUSE RUNNERS-UP: B&M MEAT MARKET 192 KINDERKAMACK ROAD, PARK RIDGE MAYWOOD’S MARKETPLACE 78 W. PLEASANT AVE., MAYWOOD One of the wonders of living in Bergen is that there is a seemingly endless supply of businesses that specialize in satisfying the gourmet tastes of our communities. B&M, also a butcher shop, and Maywood Market Place, specializing in catering, are among the most popular markets and enjoy a well-satisfied clientele. 2016 EDITION | (201) BEST OF BERGEN GUIDE 47