(201) Best of Bergen 2016 Edition - Page 48

Specialty Food Shops BEST FISH MARKET Peter’s Fish Market BEST CANDY STORE Conrad’s Confectionery 107 WESTWOOD AVE., WESTWOOD (201) 664-2895, CONRADSCONFECTIONERY.COM Chocolate. Just the mention of the word brings you to a calm and yummy place and Conrad’s is the perfect place to grab that chocolate high. A family business with an inexhaustible passion for quality, Conrad’s continues to be a reader favorite. It’s truly everything you’d want a chocolate store to be – complete with seasonal specials for every holiday. 86 GODWIN AVE., MIDLAND PARK (201) 444-3331, PETERSFISHMARKET.COM Luckily, (201) readers need not “go fish” to find the freshest and most flavorful fish in the county. Another 10-time winner in the poll, Peter’s must have reeled in a pretty fabulous kettle of fish over the years. Top quality and supreme freshness are the hallmark of this popular business. RUNNERS-UP: ANCHOR SEAFOOD MONTVALE PAUL’S HOUSE OF FISH CRESSKILL Here’s the line of two of the popular fish and seafood merchants in Bergen – quietly tucked away Anchor Seafood and family-owned Paul’s House of Fish continue to deliver the best fresh and saltwater fish around. BEST BAKERY Sugarflake Bakery RUNNERS-UP: RISPOLI EMERSON AND RIDGFIELD B&W HACKENSACK MILLS BAKERY WOOD-RIDGE There is something most wonderful about standing inside a bakery and soaking in the heavenly fragrance of cakes, breads, pastries and other treats as they are created. Couple that will scrumptious fillings and icings and you have it all! Both B&W and Rispoli have been consistent favorites among (201) readers. B&W is renowned for its crumb cake and Balthazar, known for its oven-fresh breads, are joined this year by Mills Bak \