(201) Best of Bergen 2016 Edition - Page 34

Fine Dining Mediterraneo Mezza BEST MEDITERRANEAN RESTAURANT (TIE) Mediterraneo 23 N. BROAD ST., RIDGEWOOD, (201) 447-0022, MEDITERRANEORIDGEWOOD.COM 20 JEFFERSON AVE., WESTWOOD, (201) 772-8822, MEZZAWESTWOOD.COM Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of flavors as you step into the romantic dining room at Mediterraneo and partake in small dishes like Sevillan pork tenderloin in whiskey sauce to lamb empanadas to Moroccan lamb tagine. Craving a culinary tour of the Mediterranean? Then set your GPS to Mezza and get ready to enjoy. As you enter, stop and savor the fragrant aroma of the fresh spices and citrus that precede your meal of Baba Ghanoush, kale and beet salad and seafood couscous. RUNNERS-UP: NOVO RIDGEWOOD BIBI’Z WESTWOOD Newcomer Novo provides a journey through contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with an American touch – and guests love it! Bibi’z is a perpetual crowd-pleaser with Mediterranean standards like tiny lamb meatballs in chuk-chuka sauce, Tunisian couscous and roasted wild Bronzino. BEST JAPANESE RESTAURANT Tani Sushi & Asian Grill 206 ROCK ROAD, GLEN ROCK, (201) 612-1188, TANIOFGLENROCK.COM 44 E. PALISADE AVE., ENGLEWOOD (201) 567-7888, TANIOFENGLEWOOD.COM Readers say “hai” to this newcomer to the list of reader favorites, which has captured more than one category in this year’s poll, also being selected at best sushi. With two locations to enjoy, Tani offers a full complement of Asian fare, including Japanese char grill and endless teriyaki dishes. > 32 RUNNERS-UP: MATSU SUSHI AND GRILL 140 BROADWAY, HILLSDALE KIKU ALPINE AND PARAMUS Hibachi lovers will flock to Kiku, which involves patrons in their dining experience with lobster tail and teriyaki steak, not to mention sushi and tempura dishes. Service reigns supreme at Matsu, which also offers a