1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 72

IOWA MIDNITE PLEASURE JR -581329. By Midnite Pleasure R G. out of Lady Night. Double grandson of Mid­ night Sun. Standing at the EYRE WALKING HORSE STABLES. Call 824-3579. Fee: $50, at time of serv­ ice. Owner: Warren D. Eyre, Route 1, Grundy Center, Iowa. KANSAS THE IMP ALA - 540413. By Midnight Sun out of Annie’s Judy Garland (who was by a son of Giovanni). Standing at McFarland Farm, 4401 West Tenth, Topeka, Kansas. Call CR 2-2050. Fee: $100.00. KENTUCKY GO BOY’S GLORY MMF - 612741. By Merry Go Boy out of Little Black Glory. Standing at U. S. 42, Union, Kentucky. Call 384-3374. Fee: Priv­ ate treaty. Owner: H. S. Lunsford. MERRY GO TRAVELER - 580913. By Merry Go Boy out of Merry Mount by Jimmy Allen by Hunters Allen. Fee: SI00. Excellent facili­ ties for visiting mares. Contact Helen McGreevy Stables, 9607 Old Brownsboro Road (US 22), Louis­ ville, Kentucky 40222. Phone 425- 6185. MIGHTY SUN - by Midnight Sun out of Merry Midge. Standing-1966' season at Brown Walking Horse Sta­ bles, Albany, Ky. Phone 387-5389, Don Galloway 5ȸQɅȸ)M$ݥѠɕɸɥ٥=ݹ)5ȸ5̸(H1ݥ̰ɝ )ѽݸ-)1=U%M%9)< =geL]%1 P丁 )5 䁽Ё ɽ5 )иձɽѡȁѼЁ] ) ѡ]ɱ(ԁ]ɱ e ))MU;eLM Q  ,ĸ )MջéEՅѕɉͥɔQɥ)QɕФЁ5́Mɥ䁉) éMɥ䀠ЁЁMɔ) ѡȁՐݥѠ)ɕɸɥ٥̸=ݹ5ȁ)5̸Iѕ̰)ȸ х̴)Mх-ݽ1A)5MM !UMQQL)MU;eL9I0%-) 5ЁMոЁ5)MхЁ 0Aˊḛɕ) ɥѽ5̸AԸ)M$=ݹ 0Aȸ()5% !%8)< =geLM9Q%90ظ )5 ԁЁMո)$P<%$՝ѕȁ5)MոMхЁYɵ̰(5ȁɥ͉ٔɜ5)A-齼ٕ̰$(耐ݥѠɕɸ٤)̸=ݹȸ5̸I͕)!幕ȰI協ٕՔ-)5)5%MM%MM%AA$) 1 ,M=UQ!I9%I) ؁Mջé 504Ё)!չѕȁ!չѕˊé)=ݹ5́] Q)5́MɽQ丁Mх)MɽQMх̰ {d)5̸ ̴ȸ耐)M!=_eLIA1% Hظ)  éM܁Ё1ѱ)5ɰMхЁMɽQ )Mх̰ ٕ5̸ (̴ȸ耐=ݹ5)MɽQ䰁 ٕ5̸) YQSeL5IId< =dȴ( 5 ؁)5ˊé1)Ԁ)5ˊé]ͽPم)ɔMхЁ4\Aѹ)Mх̰ ո5ͥͥ=)Ը!(ԸAɥمєQɕݥѠɗ )ɸɥ٥=ݹ5ȸ5̸)Ё ٕа ɵ)5%MM=UI$)5%9%!PI= -]dԸ) 5ЁMոЁ)e)Aɥ9é5 丁Mх )Ё0MѠMMх)1ѽ5A̴ก(ݥѠɕɸɥ٥ظ)=ݹ0MѠ)9 IM-)]1-%9< =dĸ )5 丁MхЁIݽ)Mх%=ݹ)Q̰(IݽI=9Ը) ĴԁȀĴظ)9\e=I,)< =geLI 0