1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 70

I would appreciate clarification of a state­ ment that appeared in the last issue of the VOICE. In the advertisement for Triple Threat appears a statement that Triple Threat was the only Walking Horse to ever win the Horse of the Year award. I take it that you are referring io the award pre­ sented by ihe A. H. S. A. If this assump­ tion is correct, the above statement is incorrect. As you can see by the enclosed photograph, poor as it is, l have a ribbon and a trophy awarded to the Horse of the Year in 1964, in this case, Sporty Duke. I also have in my possession similar rib­ bons and trophies for the years of 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, and 1962. These were awarded to Midnight Shining Sun and Waltzing Matilda. For your information, the A. H. S. A. gives a Horse of the Year Award and a trophy each year to each breed of horse for which they have classes in their shows. Hymel Fishkin, M. D. Natrona Heights, Pa. My wife and son and I had the pleasure to visit a few of the stables in Tennessee in January. The hospitality was great — enjoyed every minute of it, and would like to make another appearance at one of the shows. Harvey S. Burris I 19 Clearview Farm, Rt. 7 Bear, Delaware 19701 Becoming interested in the looks, breed­ ing and disposition of’the Walking Horses, two of my students, KEITH CHURCHILL and GENE DARNELL, who are seniors at the high school in Barry, journeyed to Lewisburg, Tennessee, to the Murray Fall Sale in hopes of purchasing one colt. We were so impressed with the horses, en­ vironment, and everything pertaining to the Walking Horses that we brought back three two-year-old stallions. After having the colts five months, we are more pleased than at the time of the purchase. They presently are in training at the Riddle Hill Training Stables, Spring- field, Illinois, under the fine hands of Bob Oney. Bob Moore Barry High School Barry, Illinois 72 WISCONSIN WISCONSIN WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION - Meets every once a month or once every two months in greater Milwaukee area or within 50 miles. Spon­ sor of all Walking Horse shows. Includes Illinois members. For further information contact Mrs, Carol Ortmann, Route 2, Pewaukee, Wisconsin. ) Q p OOOOOOQQQQQ & fl fl fl Q Q 0 Q o BEST CLASSES 13 MAJOR WALKING HORSE EVENTS TWO PERFORMANCES 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM (Continued from page 67) o< KIWANIS CLUB HORSE SHOW ® MICHIGAN o GALESBURG. MICHIGAN. TENNESSEE WALK­ ING HORSE CLUB, INC — Meets every third Sat­ urday of odd months and every third Friday of even months at 8:00 PM at the Charleston Town­ ship Hall, Galesburg, Michigan. For further inform­ ation contact Mrs. Donna L. Nye, Route 7, Box 2404, Battle Creek. Michigan. JUNE 18, 1966 o ROSSVILLE, GEORGIA 0-0.Q-0-0-p_Q-Q.P-ff MONTANA TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE EXHIBITORS ASSOCIATION OF MONTANA - Meets in Janu­ ary, April, July, and October, other called meetings in various cities. For further information contact Pearl Thompkins, Elmo, Montana. NEBRASKA CORN BELT WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION — See inf