1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 68

NOTE: A dot (•) by any listing in the monthly "Stallion Directory” in­ dicates that the horse is featured in the January Stallion Directory issue. For complete information on these top breeding sires please re­ fer to the January VOICE. ALABAMA • KEENE’S GO BOY - 580065. By Merry Go Boy out of Midnight Moon H. Standing at D. L. Putman Stables, Ardmore, Alabama. Contact trainer Bobby Young. Fee: S100 with return privileges. Owner: Mr. D. L. Putman, Huntsville, Alabama. ARKANSAS • RODGER’S PERFECTION - 551- 107. By Midnight Mack K out of Merry Walker. Standing at Porter Rodgers’ Stables, Searcy, Ark. Call Joe Webb, CH 5-5259. Fee: $500.00. OwTiers: Dr. & Mrs. Porter Rodgers, Searcy, Ark. CALIFORNIA • BLACK NAMRON - 580616. By Blue Namron out of Hi Kelly. Stand­ ing at Melody Circle Farm, 5351 E. Nees Ave., Clovis, Calif. Fee: $100, live foal. Owner: Melody Circle Farm. • • SUN’S BEST - 570763. By Mid­ night Sun out of Glory’s Ella May. Standing at Melody Circle Farm, 5351 E. Nees Ave., Clovis, Calif. Fee: SI50, live foal. Owner: Melody Circle Farm. GEORGIA c SOCIETY’S SURPRISE-581504. By Society Man out of Jennie Simms. Standing at Paul Wiener’s Stable, Sixth Street Road, Cedartown, Ga. Phone Area 404, 748-3257. Owner: Paul Wiener. Fee: $75.00. • WILSON’S SHOW BOY. By Merry Boy out of Lea 1丁Mх)Ё ȁ ɕɵ̰Q)Aش䁽Ȁشȸ(=ݹ5ȸ5̸9)5ఁQ)%9%9+5%!Qd!9M!-H̴(ก 5/é!͡ȁ)éMхЁ )Mх̰Iє̰ ذ1Aє)%AȴȀȴ)耐Ёѥ͕٥)ݥѠٔ5ɕ́ɑ(ĸȁ䰀ĸݥѠи=ݻ )5ȸHѕȀM1)Aє%)-9QU -d+5)=KeL5%9%!P)PĴ(ก 5ӊé5ȁЁ) Mх̵Qɴ)Iєİ1I1᥹ѽ)-丁耐Ёѥ͕٥)A)5-5ȴ)QɅȸؼ쁹)ؼشȸ=ݹL4)Qа@< ̰1᥹ѽ)-丁Aдȸ+M!=_eLI ȸ)  éM܁Ё5׊e)5]ܸMхЀ̵Qɴ)Iє1I1᥹ѽ)-丁A)5-5ȸ)QɅȸؼش)Ёؼشȸ=ݹ)L4Qа@< ̰1᥹ )ѽ-丁Aдȸ)5%MM%MM%AA$+MU;eLU9M5=-ก )5ЁMոЁɽéAɥ)MхЁ]ѕ݅ɵ̰)TL!݅аɕа5̄)A̴AɥمєQɕ )丁=ݹ\L- ɭ̴)5̸(MU;eLEUIQI  ,Mɔ)QɥQɕФ 5)Mոāѽé1ѱ)e)ĸMхЁ]ї )݅ɵ̰TL!݅а)ɕа5̸)1䰁5 )1ȁ1ݥ̰QɅȸ)AɥمєQɕ丁=ݹ!ݥЁ() ɑ@< ఁ1ش)є1)5%MM=UI$+U1Q=;eL]%1M=8118(ȸ MЁ)9AѽMхЁI) ɥMх̰I ɥ)I-́ͅ 䰁5A]$ȴ(耐ՅɅѕ)ȁՐɝ=ݹI) ɥMх̸+< =dL =559H@( 5 䁽Ё)ѡɕՅѕȁͥѕȁѼQѡ)QݸMхЁ ȁMч )̰ ɹ5 ش)AɥمєQɕ丁=ݹ] )!͔ )ͽ 䰁5+< =geL IUMHȸ) 5 䁽Ё5Ց5 )ȁ%$MхЁI ɥMч )̰I ɥI- )́ͅ 䰁5A]$ȴ(ՅɅѕȁՐ)ɝ=ݹI ɥ)Mх̸+5IId) ,ظ 5) 䁽Ё]ˊé Mх )ЁI ɥMх̰)I ɥI-́ͅ 䰁5)A]$ȴ耐ՅɅ )ѕȁЁՐɝ)=ݹI ɥMх̸+5%9%!PM IPܸ) 5ЁMոЁ)չ-и)MхЁI ɥMх̰)I ɥI-́ͅ )5A]$ȴ耐)ՅɅѕȁՐ)ɝ=ݹȸ5̸I) )9=IQ I=1%9+5%9%!P!@ĸ )5ЁMոЁ1%)MхЁ-AɥMх̰)Q٥8 Aشܸ)耐=ݹ݅ɐ0)̰)Q٥8 + 5d5%9%!P5%-̸) 5ЁMոЁ Y՝)@MхЁ]́͡ˊḛ) ѱɼ8 A$ȴ)耐=ݹ]́͡ȸ