1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 65

NATIONAL WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATIONS LISTING The following listing is a reader sendee of the VOICE. If you are a member of a national, regional or local Walking Horse organization which is not listed here, please forward pertinent information to us so that we may assist you in your member­ ship and activities. GEORGIA NORTH GEORGIA WALKING HORSE EXHIB­ ITORS ASSOCIATION — Meets second Monday each month at VFW Hall, Calhoun, Georgia, 7:30 PM. For further information contact C. W. Brad­ ley, Chatsworth. Georgia. SOUTH GEORGIA HORSE SHOW EXHIBITORS ASSOCIATION — Meets every fourth Monday at 7:30 at the Victory Club in Albany, Georgia. For further information contact Mrs. Tony Huber, Dog­ wood Circle, Moultrie, Georgia. ILLINOIS CORN BELT WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION — See information under IOWA. IOWA CORN BELT WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION — Meets once a month at different locations. Includes Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska. For further information contact Jeanne Heltibridle, Route 1, Grundy Center, Iowa. INDIANA INDIANA WALKING HORSE ASSOCIATION — Meets four times a year in and near Indianapolis, Indiana. For further information contact: Mr. Leslie G. Hash, President, 4730 E. Pleasant Run. N. Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana, or Mrs. Richard E. Smith, R'. R. =1, Greencastle, Indiana. (Continued on page 72) ------------------------ . HORSE SHOW RESULTS ROANOKE HORSE SHOW Roanoke, Alabama — April 2,1966 TWO-YEAR-OLD WALKING STALLIONS&GELD­ INGS: (1) CASTRO’S BONANZA, owner-rider J. W. Renfroe, Troy, Ala.; (2) SUPER SONIC SUN, Sonny Sotherland up for V. G. Stables, Trussville, Ala.; (3) LUCKY MERRY MAN. Calvin Travis, Jr., up for J. W. Wash, Huntsville, Ala.; (4) SHADOW’S SOCIETY BOY, Bobby Holley up for Landrum Stables, Griffin, Ga.; (5) GO BOY’S AMBASSADOR, owner-rider Dr. Denton, Anniston, Ala. JUVENILE WALKING HORSES & PONIES - RIDERS 17 & UNDER: (1) THE NEW LUCK, owner- rider Ben Beckham, Birmingham, Ala.; (2) SUN DUST GLORY GIRL, owner-rider Blanche Thomas, Atlanta, Ga.; (3) GO BOY’S HI HAT, Liz Kyle up for L. K. Stables, Guntersville, Ala.; (4) Me K’S FLAMING MAMIE, owner-rider Jane Yeager, Blountsville, Ga(5) GO BOY’S JOY, owner-rider Bert Daugette, Gadsden, Ala. JUVENILE WALKING PONIES — RIDERS 17 & UNDER: (1) MIGHTY LITTLE FELLOW. Liz Kyle up for L. K. Stables, Guntersville, Ala.; (2) INVA­ SIONS DREAM SUPREME, owner-rider Martha Combs, Gadsden, Ala.; (3) SIR HENRY’S MASTER­ May, 1966 PIECE, owner-rider Ann Daugette, Gadsden, Ala.; (4) TOM DOOLEY, owner-rider David Whisenant, Atlanta, Ga.; (5) POWER PACK, owner-rider Gene Renfroe, Troy, Ala. TWO-YEAR-OLD WALKING MARES: (1) BLUE EAGLE, Harvey Lefever up for Paul Wiener, Ced- artown, Ga.; (2) GO BOY’S RUFFET, Doug Turner up for Carlos Adcock, Roanoke; (3) ROCKETS LITTLE LADY., Wayne Jones up for Mr. King, Scant City, Ala.; (4) FRAZIER’S MERRY LEGS, J. H. White up for J. H. White and L. Z. Frazier, Attala, Ala.; (5) DIXIE, Adrian Light up for Earl Cogle, Huntsville, Ala. AMATEUR WALKING HORSES: (1) ALLEN’S BLUE BLAZE, owner-rider Carol Killey, Gadsden, Ala.; (2) SOCIETY’S IMMORTAL SUN. owner-rider Paul Wiener, Cedartown, Ga.; (3) CAROL’S CHOICE, owner-rider Dr. J. K. Bush, Gadsden, Ala.; (4) RISING SUN, owner-rider Nina Frazier, Gadsden, Ala.; (5) MY BLACK DIAMOND. David Darnell up for Woodrow Gord, Huntsville, Ala. WALKING PLEASURE HORSES - NO TAIL BRACES. NO BOOTS: (1) MIDNIGHT DOCTOR, owner-rider Owen Reeder, Luverne, Ala.; (2) MER­ RY COLOR BOY AGAIN, owner-rider Mary Jane Heywood, Huntsville, Ala.; (3) SUNNY JIM OF KENTUCKY, Lucy Lane up for James Lane, Roan­ oke, Ala.; (4) MIGHTY MAN, Mrs. Watson up for Hidden Valley Stables, East Point, Ga.; (5) SUN’S PERFECTION, owner-rider Brenda Scott, Huntsville, Alabama. THREE-YEAR-OLD WALKING HORSES: (1) SUN UP. owner-rider J. W. Renfroe, Troy, Al a.; (2) TAR BABY, Peck Stone up for Dr. J. W. Bush, Gadsden, Ala.; (3) STAR, Harvey LeFever up for Harold Mar­ tin, Carrollton, Ga.; (4) INVASION’S FUTURE, Sonny Southerland up for H. W. McElroy, Birming­ ham, Ala.; (5) MR. TANGERINE, Calvin Travis, Jr., up for J. W. Wash, Huntsville, Ala. WALKING MARES: (I) SUN DUST QUEEN, Peck Stone up for Dr. J. W. Bush, Gadsden, Ala.; (2) COLORADO ANN, Dixie Weaver up for Dr. J. T. Brown, Gadsden, Ala.; (3) GO BOY’S PRINCESS, Jack Darnelle up for Jerry Penny, Huntsville, Ala.; (4) GO BOY’S HONEY COMB, Joe Van Clayton up for R. J. Holley, Anniston, Ala.; (5) MIDNIGHT SHADOW, Wayne Jones up for Clark Stables, Ara- bala, Ala. WALKING STALLIONS & GELDINGS, 4 YEARS & OLDER: (1) SHADOWS CAVALIER. Adrian Light- ley up for Bob Rigsby, Troy, Ala.; (2) FLORA’S BIG MAN, Joe Van Clayton up for Roland Hood, Attala, Ala.; (3) BOMB’S LAD, Cagle & Whisenant, Atlanta, Ga.; (4) MAC K’S MIGHTY MAN, Wayne Jones up for Clark Stables, Arab, Ala.; (5) SIR HENRY’S UNTOUCHABLE, owner-rider Dr. David Stone, Gadsden, Ala. WALKING HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP: (1) MAY­ FLOWER MOVER. Jack Darnell up for Jewel Gra­ ham, Meridian, Miss.; (2) SENATOR GEORGE, L. M. Hilley up for Putman, Huntsville, Ala.; (3) MAC KAY’S SHANNON, Joe Van Clayton up for Dr. J. W. Bush, Gadsden, Ala.; (4) GO BOY’S BIG TALK, owner-rider Doug Cagle, Atlanta, Ga.; (5) MR. DIS­ TINCTION, Harvey LeFever up for Dowdy Stone, Arab, Ala. SEARCY WALKING HORSE SHOW Searcy, Arkansas — April 18, 1966 Walking Horse Judge: DAVID WELSH LADIES ON WALKING HORSES: (1) LADY GO- DIVA, owner-rider Mrs. Frank Parnell, Newbern, Tenn.; (2) SPECIAL’S ANGEL, owner-rider Marion Russell, Piggott, Ark.; (3) SHADROCK, owner-rider Mrs. Penn Mohon, Covington, Tenn.; (4) MIDNIGHT MERRY MYCIN. owner-rider Mrs. C. J. Hinebaugh, Memphis, Tenn. TWO-YEAR-OLD FILLIES: (1) MISS SILVER STAR, J. B. Coker up for Mr. and Mrs. Ray Black­ man; (2) MAGIC MERRY, Johnny Coker up for Mr. and Mrs. C. C. AleOander, Eva, Ala.; (3) MAGIC STAR, Troy Mapels up for Leroy Franks, Spring- field, Mo.; (4) KING’S BELL, Richard Woods up for R. V. Powell, Hickory Valley, Tenn. TWO-YEAR-OLD STALLIONS: (1) EBONY’S OLD CROW, Russell Pate up for Billy Hale, Gallatin, Tenn.; (2) MAGIC BLACK PEPPER, Dr. Robert Pegram up for Bob Henson, Tupelo, Miss.; (3) RISING SUN, C. A. Bobo up for George Lenox, Collierville, Tenn.; (4) SUN’S STRADIVARIUS, Neil Robinson up for Jeffcoat Stables, Cordova, Tenn. THREE-YEAR-OLD FILLIES: (1) JET’S MODEL MIST, Dick Pate up for F. L. Dunham,Ripley, Miss.; (2) SHADOW’S BLUE ANGEL, Jimmy Waddell up for Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jones, Jackson, Tenn.; (3) MIDNIGHT MONA LISA, Neil Robinson up for Jeff­ coat Stables, Cordova, Tenn.; (4) GO BOY’S LEE LEE, Johnny Coker up for Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Dailey, Cullman, Ala. JUNIOR MARES: (1) PERFECTION’S SHADOW S., Jimmy Waddell up for Babcock & Talley, Colum­ bus, Tenn.; (2) MISS DISTANT STAR. J. B. Coker up for Mr. and Mrs. Joyce Keith, Pittsburg. Pa.; (3) CHIMNEY SWEEP, Floyd Posenke up for Sundown’s Estate, Springfield, Mo.; (4) MAGIC PRINCESS, Neil Robinson up for Jeffcoat Stables, Cordova, Tenn. THREE-YEAR-OLD STALLIONS: (1) RIPTIDE. C. A. Bobo up for George Lenox, Collierville, Tenn.; (2) GO BOY’S BOMBER, Ted Baier up for W. D. Cherry, Henderson, Tenn.; (3) PEGRAM’S WHITE MAGIC, owner-rider Dr. Robert Pegram, Tupelo, Miss.; (4) SUN’S MERRY MAKER, Jimmy Waddell up for Gardner and Shirley, Memphis, Tenn. JUNIOR STALLIONS: (I) GO BOY’S NIGHT CRAWLER, Dick Pate up for Janie Bramlett, Ox­ ford, Miss.; (2) BOMB’S ESCAPADE, C. A. Bobo up for Hays & Duggan, Columbus, Miss.; (3) BEENE’S PERFECTION, Jimmy Waddell up for Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Beene, Bossier City, La.; (4) SPECIAL’S BLAZE, Bill Crutcher up for Lowe McDaniel, Rose Mart, Tenn. JUVENILE WALKING HORSES: (1) MERRY ME­ LINDA, owner-rider Brenda Bramlett, Oxford, Miss.; (2) GO BOY’S JET, Sherrill Marks up for Mr. and Mrs. Russell Marks, ElDorado, Ark.; (3) MAC K’S MOTION, owner-rider Dee Bufford, Dyersburg, Tenn.; (4) EDAN’S PRIDE, Robbie Pegram up for Dr. Robert Pegram, Tupelo, Miss. AMATEUR OPEN CLASS: (1) DARK MAGIC, owner-rider Frank Parnell, Newbern, Tenn.; (2) MR. SUN DUST, owner-rider Sam Hall, Leighton, Ala.; (3) BLACK SOUTHERNAIRE, Sharon Terry up for Terry & Terry, Cleveland, Miss.; (4) GO BOY’S RIVER ROAD, owner-rider Dr. R. W. Ratten, Mem­ phis, Tenn. AGED MARES: (1) HELLO DOLLY. C. A. Bobo up for Bayoud & GLL Farms, Collierville, Tenn.; (2) GUNSMOKE STARLIGHT. Russell Pate up for Pat Stringer, Memphis, Tenn.; (3) SUN DUST FAN­ NY. owner-rider Sam Hall, Leighton, Ala.; (4) TEMP­ TATION TAMMY, Neil Robinson up for Nick Douz- abus, Memphis, Tenn. AGED STALLIONS: (1) ROYAL HEIR, Steve Hill up for Duncan and Chad, Beverly Hills, Calif.; (2) SHADROCK, Russell Pate up for J. D. Faulkner, Kennett, Mo.; (3) CHARLIE’S ROYAL FLUSH, Jim­ my Holloway up for C. D. Maddox; (4) MIKE’S MIGHTY MAN. C. A. Bobo up for Reed & GaUager, Gastonia, N. C. North Georgia Walking Horse Association 1st Annual WALKING HORSE SHOW Chatsworth, Georgia — April 16,1966 Judge: DIXIE WEAVER, Tuscaloosa, Ala. TWO-YEAR-OLD WALKING HORSES: (1) ELDO­ RADO MIDNIGHT, Wink Groover, Etowah, Tenn.; (2) EBONY MERRY BOY. Harold Kennedy, Cal­ houn, Ga.; (3) IKE’S PEACOCK, John Price, Jasper, Tenn.; (4) GO BOY’S VOLUNTEER. Harvey Le- Fever, Cedartown, Ga.; (5) GO BOY’S COCKROBIN, Donald Davis, Chatsworth, Ga. WALKING PONIES: (1) GO BOY’S JET, Wink Groover, Etowah, Tenn.; (2) GO BOY’S COMMAND­ ER. Kenneth Anderson, Tullahoma, Tenn.; (3) STONY BURKE, Teddy Myer, Canton, Ga.; (4) LITTLE BLAZE, Steve Dillard, Calhoun, Ga.; (5) TOM DOOLY II. David Wisner,' Douglasville, Ga. THREE-YEAR-OLD WALKING HORSES: (1) BEL AIRE’S SECOND SON, Harold Kennedy, Calhoun, Ga.; (2) SOCIETY’S BLUE VELVER. Harvey Le- Fever, Cedartown, Ga.; (3) PIDDLEY’S PLAYBOY. Wink Groover, Etowah, Tenn.; (4) SON SUSPICION, Mike Janaway, New Market, Tenn.; (5) EASTER SON BOY, John Price, Jasper, Tenn. AMATEURS ON WALKING HORSES: (1) BEL AIRE'S FIRST SON, Roy Davis, Calhoun, Ga.; (2) BOMB LAD, D oug Cagle, Douglasville, Ga.; (3) MACK LITTLE DOC, Max Williams, Cartersville. Ga.; (4) GO BOY’S MARY DIMPLES. Elon Eidson, Dunaway, Ga.; (5) ROAN ALLEN AGAIN, Dr. W. L. Lee, Ducktown, Tenn. 67