1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 61

Special, an amateur stallion that Jimmy and per­ haps Mr. Hensley will be showing. To top their show string, Mr. Hensley purchased Rebel’s Elegance from JOE URQUHART. This is the chestnut stallion that Dr. REEVES showed in Amateur classes and won so many ribbons with. All other horses are working good and they are anxious to get started showing from their new stable. COVERED RACE TRACK USES VINYL PANELS Enclosed half-mile race track provides protection from snow and rai n the year round. A similar installation would be ex­ cellent for training Tennessee Walking Horses. New covered race track incorporates Lustro-Span vinyl panels in conjunction with aluminum for roof and alone for upper sidewalls. A new enclosed race track, designed for the year- round training of horses, is in operation in Morrow, Ohio, at Happy Times Farm. The use of Monsanto Company’s Lustra-Span rigid vinyl panels made pos­ sible the construction of the covered half-mile track, according to F. B. FRASER, president of Happy Times Farm. "The rigid vinyl panels enabled us to erect a roof which would protect the track surface from the ele­ ments while providing realistic lighting and low main­ tenance costs,” he said. The track’s long roof is composed of alternate panels of aluminum and Lustra-Span. Spacing of the trans­ lucent, corrugated vinyl panels and the aluminum sections of the roof assures sufficient light without glare or shadows on the track, whatever the weather, according to Fraser. Along the sides of the track are Lustra-Span pan­ els which enable the trainers and owners to see their horses work out. The side panels provide glareless light transmission and weather protection. WALKING HORSES AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL Even while engrossed in the busy schedule of a college freshman, BILL DAVIS, son of Mr. and Mrs. ROY DAVIS of Calhoun, Georgia, retains his avid interest in the Tennessee Walking Horse. Bill, who has won "many-a-blue” on his Bel Aire’s First Son in Juvenile and Amateur Classes throughout Geor­ gia and other southeastern states, prepared a re­ search paper on the breed and, needless to say, at­ tracted the attention of the President of the institu­ tion, Dr. EARLE FTJSSELLE, who is also a Walking Horse enthusiast. Application Suitable for Walking Horse Stables It has been noted that the installation of similar material to provide adequate natural lighting in new Walking Horse stables is becoming quite prevalent. A note of interest is the construction of this com­ pletely enclosed track for working horses throughout the winter and in rainy weather. Perhaps the con­ struction of a similar work ring for Walking Horses would give our trainers a head start in the spring and would allow them to keep their horses in peak condition for ring performance. It is certainly some­ thing to think about! May, 1966 BILL DAVIS, son of Mr. and Mrs. ROY DAVIS of Calhoun, Ga., an exhibitor of Tennessee Walking Horses and a freshman in Trueft McConnell College, wrote an excellent research paper on the background of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Bill's pic­ ture is with the President of the college, Dr. WARNER EARLE FUSSELLE, who is a licensed judge of the Tennessee Walking Horse Association. Dr. Fusselle made the observation, "Bill received a Blue Ribbon for his research paper!" (Bill's actual grade for his splendid paper was "A.") 63