1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 6

EDITOR’S NOTE: We welcome Mrs. LLOYD ISAACSON to our staff of Contributing Editors with much pleasure. She will be covering the "home front,” so to speak, and will provide bits of news and information regarding the horse activities in and around Lewisburg, Tennessee. She has a varied background in the Walk­ ing Horse business and is currently active both as an owner and an ex­ hibitor. She comes well recommend­ ed as a knowledgeable and enthus­ iastic horsewoman. Everyone thought "Spring had sprung” here in Middle Tennessee but last month Mother Nature kept things quite cold at times. We saw TOBY GREEN in Lewis­ burg recently and learned of his new associate, Mr. GAINES LUNA. Since BUDDY HUGH left and has almost completed construction of his new stable, Toby has been look­ ing for an associate and appears to have found a good man. Toby says Drug Dealer, and three-year- old stallion, is by far the best horse he has ever ridden or shown. He will enter the show ring this spring. Drug Dealer is owned by L. C. HALL. Another horse Toby is expecting great things from is Gun Smoke’s City Girl, a four-year-old mare owned by CHARLOTTE GREEN. I was out to see Mr. HAROLD WISE at his stables and was pleased with the condition of Triple Threat. He never looked better — more and more the Champion he really is. The big talk at Harold’s stables these days is Triple Threat Again, a big bay two-year-old owned by Over at Triple T Farms, trainer ALBERT ROWLAND has a barn full. He is particularly pleased with the progress of Quarterback Sneak, a "stake horse” in anybody’s book. This horse is coming on strong and should prove to be a surprise to a lot of people. Yankee Doodle is re­ ported to be ready for Miss JANIE JULIAN to show and Alvin is wait­ ing for RONNIE CLEMENT. Albert has several other surprises for the Walking Horse public, includ­ ing a Junior stallion named Setting Sam. He is by Setting Sun and shows all of his breeding with a big lick and "go yonder.” April Love is showing a lot of improvement, if that is pos­ sible, and so is a full brother to her that Albert has had for only a few months. Horse for horse, Albert Row­ land is noted for putting about as good a string of horses in the show ring each year as anyone. A note of interest regarding the activities at Triple T Farms is the mode of travel utilized by owner CLARENCE CLEMENT of Hickory, North Carolina. Mr. Clement has been buzzing the country in a new Leer Jet, a ten-seater that covers the trip from Hickory to Lewisburg in 27 minutes. The Jet Set of the Horse World! A growing attraction in these parts is an occasional get-together of the 'horsey set.” The second week in April we all met for a potluck supper at the recreation center. This was about the fourth gathering we’ve had, and vBfBB6*Ч6v2VFgVvFG2b&'6PFƲrF6RGFVFrvW&P"B'2$Bt4R B'2tu$dU""@'2$U%B$tB"@FN( 2Bf"r&Rg&֖L*ЦFRFVW76VRWBFtB4p$55dRt24T %4R4pTRc`$55dRtT$tB4%DU"VFvPDU2bE$U0'2UDRUT4@T44EB"B'22r$TT4FRt$B$$( 2"B'2$$%$TT4"B'2UdU$UEDREDU%4ĔD$D4B5DUdP$TT4BFW'2@2w&vrWfVBFB6VB6*ЧFVRw&B66R"tED"TrBT*ФTUEtU"bFF&V6f&FF26Bv2f'7BG&*ЦGV6VBFFRvƶr'6Rv&@'F6RFRd4R6WfW&F2vFW&V6VFǒfV@g&FV"'B&vR7F&W0f&FFWv6'W&r&V6W6RPBvVW&FVB6V6FW&W7BvfR6VV6FBR0&7B&W76f^( 6B6vpbFR&6RB&ƗG`2fW26&RvF2B6*Цf&F6V6BFR'V 2BFBDTrtdU"v6rF2V"trFW&P2Bb7FfGBFRv6R7F*Ц&R6VFr'&VVFrBG&*Цr7F'F6VRFVFR%Ur4TĔr4|*Фr$Tt$DU52bt@B2RtBD$DRR4DB$UEDU"d U52DR( d4^( DऔDU"%4Rt*ХRrF'Ff&@fW7F67W&6P6DU$R25T%5DEUDPd"UU$T4P$RDD%ET%0dR$DTB5UĔT@B4U%d4TBDR$U5@5U$4Rd"4r%4U0B$Tt5DU$TBĕdU5D4d$P$U5BBT4PtTR5U$RDP( $4$Bt 4TR4"u$DP$4$@3c#0`d4RbFRFVW76VRvƶr'6P