1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 56

barren granite. We had hoped to ride to the summit, which affords one of the most magnificent views to be found anywhere. However, after looking over the snow and ice-covered slopes, we decided to leave that for another day. "Perhaps next spring, when Mother Nature has changed her coat from crystal white to bright green, we will saddle up our favorite Walkers and ride to the summit — and we hope you can ride along with us on that trip, too!” And, Jack, the satisfied amateur doesn’t mind pa, ine But by barring him from this class and that rlass and limiting his fun more and more with each -new’ rule,” you are cutting the amateur out of the nnrse world leaving more professionals than "take "an. tels” to pay - them. Remember he can always Ls marbles and go home.” There are other sports tv, at cater to the amateur! Now let’s reverse things - if there were more ama­ teurs there would be a demand for more horses, and Zr,re horses demand more barns, and more barns rnth private and public) demand more trainers!! This would entries and show more committees profitable Thows result which in in bigger turn would give to produce top rate shows, which with would funds ™ ore Lrp money more judges for various divisions, provide the seeing public all a truly show” there and, at the P i!mp those "big amateurs, would mdoubtedly be can those "Well, if he d°do it so I,” who and would a new think, amateur is born. Tnd so the snowball goes. Bigger an ѕȁ͔)y͙)ٕ役)%)̀Ёɹ)ӊtѡѕȁ̰)eЁѡɼȁѡЁаe)ŠɹЁЁ݅)ɼ)ɕЁͻe)ѡɥٕ)Ք)e)ѡ)M)ѡ)Ёѡ)ѡ)ݹ)ԃdY܁ݡ؜Mɡ̰ѡɔݽձ)  ш \ )Ʌѡ䁡ٔѡݹȀѡѕ)|ѡȁͽհݡɕȰ́ѡ̸)Mɕ)  ,PQ!I9 P9ѡݽ͔ȁѡȁ)她ɥѡɽ՝ѡ͹䁵չхѕɅѡ͔ɑ)Q͕]!͕́͡܁ѡȁݽѠ́ѡȁ͕)ɥ́ѡЁѕȁѡȁɹ)M!=U15QUILM!=\)%9MPAI=MM%=91L)QݥѕȀ݅́ɥѕѼ5ȸ) ,]II8ݕݸ)ɽͥɅȁɽMɥ!Q͕ѕȁѕٕ )ͅѥɕɑɽ͕ձѡЁݽձɕɥЁѕȁɽ)͡ݥЁɽͥЁ́ɽͥ́ɕɥѕɽ)͡ݥЁѕȁѕȁ̸]Ёٔѡ)х́ѡٕͅѥѡЁɕѡ́ѕȰЁЁѡЁѡɔ݅)ͽѡѡѕȁ͕))]ɕMх)Mɥ!Q͕)ȁ)) ѼѡЁՉЁݔѽՍͱѱ䁽ѡ)쁑eЁѡɕ锁ѡeɔѥѡѡ)́ѡIȰѡЁѕȁ́ѡ͔)̃PѡЁѡѥ̃PЁٔ)ɕȰ̸)]䁅ɔѡɽͥ́ͼɅѼЁѡ )ѕȁɥЁѡ%́ͭɿ )ͥѡ͕͡ݡѡ́)ɅѡչɅЁͼͭѕȰݡ)́ɥȁѡٔѡ) ձЁéم%ͻeЁѡɔЁѡ(ܵ͡d̰ɕɑ́ȁ)%ͼѡЁѡɽ̀ܵ͡tЁЁ)ѡ͔ѡѕȸ)ЁЁѡѕ)ٔѡͅչ䄁IȰé٥)ȁЄ(()5̸IѕȰ)ȸ)Iɔ]!͔ɴ)IHа]ѕɱ%݄)5% !%8]1-%9!=IM9]L)5̸(]Q)͉ɜ5))ͽѤ)5)Ёѡyx) xā{ iM)y]ɑL) ՕЁ)è]!4)IхȄ)ٕ+d5ɥȰظQ))]@ѕٕ役啐)ٕͅѥ)AULѥձѥ]!͔)ɥѡ ȁЃ ѡ́݅́ѡЁѥ)͹E]ȁѡЁݔЁѽѡȁѼ٥ͥ)5́IQQEyQݕȱL܁͕́x̸ٕ)!͔ɵȀ!e9HYU%] )ٔѡȸ͑ 5݅́ͭѼ)齼 Ѱȴ)=!8M -QP-)5̸IA5MP)ѡ݄)y!4ѕ́ѽѵѕȸ)x5%11HA܁A܁݅́ɵ)5a%9)݅́ͥѕ5̸)ɥ%95y;dͼA܁AܴQɽ)ѡ]ɔٕѡхɅѥ́Ѥ)љհ)ፕЃPѽѡȰЁٕ݅́)ȁMɥ)xѼх)ѡՍ))ȁ)qwd!͔M܁Mͽ) !5A=;geЁɕ͕ѕѡ=A8I9)ᡥ ݅ɐѼ չ)é 䰁ݹ)H5O ѥձ䁉5̸H5UI H)́5I͕ٔ݅ɐݕ)Y=% ѡQ͕]!