1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 51

fancy trucks that surrounded him and wondered if he would ever own anything so fine. Up front, he could see at least two top trainers who had won World Cham- pioships at the annual Festival Horse Show and won­ dered if they had any two-year-olds. Working feverishly to get Tiger Bay ready, Lonny was pushed to make the second-class. He had thought there was a Two-Year-Old Filly class but it had been scratched and they were all going together. It was obvious when Lonny got on his horse that the bay was excited. When he started to work him along the fence, a small crowd began to gather. He could see several familiar trainers’ faces out of the comer of his eye. "I wonder what they want,” he thought to himself. As the bay horse began to get used to the surroundings, he loosened up and really started to work. Lonny pulled up and pretended to fix the curb chain. He could see a small group of men talking to Mr. and Mrs. Tad Larson, who owned the horse and had just gotten to the show. Clucking to his horse he eased him from a flat foot walk into a good running walk. He felt good! When he rode up to the trailer, several people came up close to see Tiger Bay. "That’s a pretty good horse you’ve got there, fellow,” said a big man with a cigar sticking out of the side of his mouth. Lonny smiled, trying not to be too impressed. As the announcer called out, "Two-Year-Old Walking Horses, get ready. You’re next and we are tying the Pleasure Class right now,” Lonny mounted the little bay stud. Mr. and Mrs. Larson came over and said, "Good luck, Lonny.” "Thanks,” he said. "By the way, what was that man vFFR6v"FƶrFRЦ&WC( '2'6FW''WFVBW"W6&B&Vf&PR6VB6Fr$RvFVBFrbW"'6Pv2f"6R( %vBFBRFV( 6VB6RVvVBB6B%vRFBFFƲFR( ХvFF26rb6fFV6R2֖B琤&&W2VFW&VBFR&rvFVvFVVFW"&FW'0GvזV"G2ࢆ6FVVBWBFDR4T%U2%$TTB5$r4pFRcb6r6V6f"FR֖GvW7BvBfbFfR7F'BBFR6V'W2V'&VV@7&r6r&6#7&BF&VvFR#F67FFW0( B֖6vFvW7Bf&vV7*ЧfBWr&( B6VBfgGffRvƶr'6W0F6WFRffR676W2FRFWW"&VrFP&vW7BvFF'GR'6W2FR&r"brt4TU"f6GvGvVG7F*Ц&W2W'&VBRvFfW'FVV&VR&&&2g&ЦfW'7V66W76gV6vFRf&FvFW 6&7VBF'F6FRBFFR&R672vF2vBrf6GB6&W6W'fRFRFWW"662fW'7V66W76gV7F*ЦƖ"f6GvGvVGv2&W6W'fR&FFRVB667FR676W2DdBtT4G&W"f"VW7vBvƶr'6P7F&W226&W'2Wr&2f7BFV*Ч7G&Fr2&ƗGFWBFvWFW"BVWf&Цvr7G&rf"VW7vB'6W2FFR&VP&&&2FRfW"WfVG2FWVFW&VBFfBvFRVv&( 2&V&VFRV"672c`"T%4DU.( 27V( 26WFV&W"6s@FR7FR'2T^( 266WG6WfV"'2VPB&WfW6ǒvFRFWW"66আW"f'7B6r&rV&6R6WfV"$$U%BtDU6( 27&VVVGV6v0FRVFvRBFB7B7&VFF&R"T0$5E$rB2&BW&f&VBvFǒ@VVBFG&r&vR7&vG2FR&W7VG2bFR6p&RƗ7FVBV6WvW&RF277VRऄDd$5$r4pvƶr'6W2B&VBFRWr&6G&VfR&VV&7F6ǒVvf"6RV'0VFFR7B&6#FvVFWV&VB@FRFf&V&ǒ7&r6rB7BW2r6BWr&गBv266r'WB&W6VBvBFV`FW&W7BB7W&6GF&VvFRVff'G2bw&V@vƶr'6RVFW67BG"ĕUdDb6֗FFvr6BF&VR676W2vW&R,*Ч&vVBB&WBFV'6W2vW&RBg&ХV7ff&vBWr&FRV&W b'6W2G6Vbv2B&W76fR'WBBv27F'BFW&Rv2rVBbV&Ɩ6Gf FRvƶr'6R676W2Bǒg&6p6BWw7W'2'WBWr&W'22vVG"WfFv2&W6VvVBvFR62FRvƶp'6W2vW&RvfVF&VvvrfW"'GvfWG2B222ff6RfWBv26VB'FR4BFRW&F'2vW&R6ƖVFVBFRW6VVB6FFbFR'6W>( fVWBF2v0WG&VVǒw&FgrFFRW&F'2gFW"FR7&L*Ц66FB2W7VǒVVBFRvƶr'6W2गB&fW2FBF2w&VBB7&vBV6r'&VV@b'6W26&R6vVffV7FfVǒvFWBvrFFRWG&VW2v6fR6W6VB6V67&F66FW&RvW&RF&VR676W2FR6r( BFWW"VB7FR( BVFvVB'DdRDd2'*ЦB&W7VG2vW&SDUU#7V( 26WFV&W"6rV'6*ЦFW"Wr&"v&( 2f'GVR"vƖ7B6"f&v27V( 27F&v&r'26RЦ&VVRWr&T66WG6WfV"VW7vBWr&"6WfV.( 27F"""wW66f&v2VF&FB"wW66f&v5DS66WG6WfV"VW7vBWr&"6WfV"7F"""wW66f&v2W''֖FvB2"FfR7FVǒf&vG"WfFVBVWFrbFR'FV7BvƼ*Цr'6R766FB2fVǒR6֗FЧFvFRgFW&&V6VFrFR6rR@'2WfF7FVB'VffWBV6Vv6v2V*ЦVB'gFW"v6ff62bFRW&6@'FV7FW&vƶr'6R766F2vfRFƷ0B6vVBfW2FFRFW&W7FVBVPv66WFVBG"WfF( 2fFFगB6ǒ2B76&RFvfRVVv7&VFBFG"WfFvvfR6g&VVǒb2FRF&*ЦFRF26rF&6RWFƖRW'6W0FfFRVG'Ɨ7BF62g&VG2B<*ЧVF6W2F7&VFRFW&W7BFRVFW'FrBFvR6V2bV&Ɩ6GFRWr&W'2Br6BV&Ɩ6F2vRVVB&PVRƖRG"WfFW"'W6W72S0