1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 46

MERRY BOY ... HIS LIFE IN MISSISSIPPI by SHARON TERRY "We sold him with about fourteen mares to Mr Merry Boy was foaled in 1925 and bred by A. M. GEORGE WILLIAMS from Jackson, Tennessee, and DEMENT of Wartrace, Tennessee. Roan Allen F-38 I think he was just as crazy about Merry Boy as was his sire and Merry Legs F-4 was his dam. At we were. approximately ten years of age Merry Boy was sold "I never went to see Merry Boy. In some way I to J. L. McMICHAEL, also of Wartrace. just couldn’t, and it was a sad day for us when we Merry Boy’s life in Mississippi began in his nine­ let him go. teenth year when he was purchased from Mr. Mc- "As time goes on I haven’t kept up with his grand­ Michael by Mrs. WILLIAM McBRIDE YANDELL of children as I should, but whenever I go to a show I Vance, Mississippi. Mrs. Yandell was interested in a have a great feeling of pride. When we see his des­ good stud and chose Merry Boy to use in her breed­ cendants come in the ring, Mr. Yandell and I can ing program. The day she bought him she was con­ cerned about transporting Merry Boy to Mississippi because of his age and the fact that he had never been hauled. Mrs. Yandell describes this trip and tells a little about Merry Boy in a letter to me, which I quote: "AUBURN GREY rode down in the truck with him, and we got in about eleven at night. "Merry Boy was as calm as if he rode in a truck every day. Speak­ ing of riding, Mr. McMichael told us that anyone could get on Merry Boy, ride him just so far, then he would throw them off and comeback to the bam. He was never trained for a show but he had a natural walking gait. I don’t think I ever saw him trot. "He was a joy to us the nine or ten years we owned him. Gentle as OUTSTANDING CROP OF COLTS — This old photograph shows a lineup he could be, a child could go in his of Merry Boy yearling colts. The date is not known. Perhaps Merry Go stall or lot. I don’t believe he had a mean bone in his body. We tried Boy is the little fellow on the left. to make him stay out of the stall as much as possible and had a good small pasture for him. He never really liked to be nearly always tell them. out of the stall and if the flies were bad in the sum­ "The great old horse is dead, but his name will mer, he would run up and down the fence until some­ always be heard from those who love the Walking one came to spray him or put him up. Horse.’’ He was a black roan, blaze, both black stockings, I visited Mrs. Yandell in April and she told me and spot on each knee. Small ears and big eyes were more about Merry Boy and her interest in Walking well set in his head. Horses. I was more than touched as she recalled "I’ve climbed on his back many times but because visions of Merry Boy and other horses she owned, of his founder I never tried to ride him. Perhaps he such as Rise and Shine. Her undying love for Merry would have sent me sailing, too. Boy was ever-present in her eyes as well as her ”If I could have gotten a reliable person to look voice. When Mrs. Yandell showed me a color portrait after him and get his colts broken he would never of Merry Boy’s head which she has in her hallway, have been sold. But we couldn’t, so it seemed best I could clearly see the wisdom, trust, and love tha to sell cut everything, which we did. Also, we were she mentioned. getting into the grandbaby business and were not as young as we once were. (Continued on page 50) 48 VOICE of the ■’ '/-.see Walking Horse