1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 44

BAKER of White Pine, Tennessee. Also in train’ with Mike is an aged horse and a two-year-old by Mr. JIM TAYLOR. Bill, Bud and Mike extend^ invitation to everyone to come by and see them ^ EAST TENNESSEE Our names are CAROLYN and SKIP STANSBERRY. We are going to try to keep you informed on East Tennessee. We hope to let you know about some of the people and. their horses. Looks like everyone is anxious for the coming show season. One person in particular is ROY STARKEY, who is back in the saddle for Mr. E. C. NICHOLS at Southbrook Stable. Roy has just finished two years in the Army and Mr. Nichols is very fortunate to have him back as a trainer. He has only been back a short time but is fast working his horses into shape. He will have two five-year-old studs, Shadows Suburban and Tree’s Shadow, to show in the stake classes and both look good. In the mare division, Roy is well sup­ plied. A black four-year-old mare, Shadow’s Glory, has had a slow start but is coming on strong. Shad­ ow’s City Girl, who has a most likable disposition, can walk right on. One of the prettiest mares around is Go Boy’s Magic, a three-year-old, and she should prove hard to beat. Roy will be busy getting four two-year-olds ready and they all look like good pros­ pects. In three-year-old studs, Myster’s Secret and Myster’s Command will be walking their way into the top money. Miss DEBBIE POLLARD, Mr. Nichols’ pretty granddaughter, will be as crowd-pleasing as ever in the Amateur classes on her good mare, Dream at Midnight. On a trip to Virginia, Roy came back with three nice .horses for Mr. F. J. BELL and one for Dr. JAMES L. KEATING of Gainville, Va. Dr. Keating owns a fine three-year-old stud by Sun Dust, and he is really nice to look at. Mr. Bell owns a nice gelding which Roy is working for Mr. Bell to show in the Amateur classes. Mr. Bell also owns a pretty roan mare and a nice two-year-old. I’m sure we will see good shows by all of these horses. Fifteen miles east of Knoxville on U.S. 11-E, we stopped at the Mullins’ Stables that opened last No­ vember. Mr. BILL Mullins and his wife SHIRLEY, and Mr. BUD Mullins and his wife BETTY are some of the nicest people in the business. They really make you feel welcome at their barn. Their horses are un­ der the capable hands of MIKE JANWAY and he is doing a fine job. Mike has a four-year-old mare, Merry Acres Anna, hitting a big lick and on her way to the winners circle. Another four-year-old is a black stud Sun’s Suspicion, and he should win his share also’ Two new additions to the barn are an aged stud Determination Image, and a black mare, Royal Blood’ who is a sister to Ebony Masterpiece. We should see both of these in the top money. One of the nicest three-year-olds in East Tennessee is being worked by Mike: Colonel Bennett, owmed by Dr. EUGENE We made a stop at Stockcreek Stables to see h Mr. ROY THURMAN, owner and trainer, is cornin'* along with his stock. As far as selling, he has Us J beat up here. He just sold his top mare, Trouble’s Mighty Maid, to a Mr. WHALEY in Gatlinburg. Manv of us will remember some of her fine shows. Mr. Thur­ man has sold two nice two-year-olds, one going to Fall Branch, Tennessee, and the other to Johnson City. Then he sold a fine three-year-old stud, and his pleased owners took the horse home to Kentucky. Though it sounds like he has sold most of his horses* he still has a fine selection left to show. In the lime­ light is a big blue roan stud named Boy’s Blue Boy who made quite a name for himself last year and will be back even stronger in the four-year-old classes this year. Mr. Thurman will be showing Black Cadillac in the stake classes and should do very well. Sun’s Dia­ mond Boy, a two-year-old half-brother to Boy’s Blue Boy, will be making his bid for honors and should be every bit as good as his brother. Coming through upper East Tennessee, my hus­ band dropped in to visit with Mr. JOHN T. CARTER at Robinwood Farm and received the usual warm welcome you get at all Walking Horse stables. John T. was busy working his stock, which consi ́)!́܁ͥхЁɅȰ)5ȸQ=55d]Qi0ɽ酉ѡѽQ͕)́ɕЁٕ́ɽͥ)չɅȸQ䁉ɽ՝ЁЁѡɕ啅ȵ)Ր5ȸM]эѽȁЁI)ɔݹ5ȸ5̸IUMM10] )=9HQ͔́́ɕͽѡѼ݅э)!́ɕ́݅䁽͡ձ)́݅Ѽѡݥ́ɍݥѡЁЁɽՉ)Q)ݽɭQQаѡѽɕ)ѡչ䰁ٕ́͡ɕѥȁѕ)ѡٕȸѡȁɔݽɭ́ݹ)5ȸ5̸ = UI81ѽ8 ))Q䁡ٔѡȁ́ձݥѠ)ݼ啅ȵ́ѡɕ啅ȵ̸ é )䰁ѡɕ啅ȵՐݹ5ȸ5̸)] U11́䰁́́)ѡɕ啅ȵ 䁵ɔݹȸQIA@)ѡȁѡɕ啅ȵ́MոЁɔݹ)5ȸ5̸ UI1d1%=9Qi]Ѽ)ѼIݽͽѕԁɔЁи)QՕ͑䰁ɥ԰$ݕЁѼɅMхѥQ͕)ѼѡЁQ͕]!͔M )єѡٕ䁍ݥ䁑䰁ɽݐ݅)ѡɔѼͽ̸͕QQаݥѠ))P ѕȁ݅ɵѡɽݐͽ)ѡݕЁѼаɔѽ))Ё͕ȁЁѡЁѥ$ɐ݅͡)ѥѡɽ́她Ѽ՝иQɔݕɔ)ͽѕȁ͕́չ͕́ѡ)ͽЁɥ̸Ё݅́ͅ)$ЁѼхѼͽѡЁ$eЁ͕ͥ)͡܁͕ͽ15=I I= ,M4AM !0)!I=1-99dI=dY%L]%9,I==YH)-99dAI% ݕɔѡɔѼܰ)Ё݅́ѼхѼѡ()Y=% ѡP)]!͔