1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 42

SEARCY HITS THE BIGTIME . . Horse Show Successful for Arkansas Enthusiast: By Gloria L. From the moment that auctioneer M. L. M£GNUS- SON rapped his gavel to signal the start of the PU - TER RODGERS Walking Horse Sale until the last blue was tied at the Walking Horse Show, it was obvious that big things were underway in Searcy, Arkansas. This sleepy country town, that has literally been put on the map by the horse activities of the Rodgers-Webb team, came to life on Saturday, April 18, 1966. Perhaps the most significant statement in­ volving the day’s activities was that which was uttered by a well-known top trainer, who flatly stated, "Man, they had better watch out . . . this is going to be one of the best shows for the Walking Horse business.” The Porter Rodgers Stables broke the record for Arkansas in selling sixteen top Walking Horses for a record price of $34,000. Horse buyers from New York to New Orleans were placing their bids but the record sell of the day was to Mr. CEBERN LEE of Oaks Corners, New York. He and trainer DAVID WELSH purchased Sun Town Rose, a daughter of Midnight Sun and full sister to Talk of the Town, and her yearling filly, Perfect Chance, sired by Rod­ ger’s Perfection, for $10,100. Mr. ROBERT HENS­ LEY, of Louisville, Kentucky, purchased Merry Earth- man, a mare by Midnight Sun out of Merry Walker; and Great Contender brought $5,000 from Mr. Hens­ ley. Another big bidder of the day was Mr. MORRI­ SON LOWE, JR., Cookeville, Tennessee. He purchased Perfection’s Irene, Perfection’s Warrior, Perfection’s Dark Star, and Perfection’s Repeat. Immediately following the sale, a buffet for the "horsey set” was given by Dr. and Mrs. PORTER RODGERS, SR., and Dr. and Mrs. PORTER ROD­ GERS, JR. From there the exhibitors moved across town to the White County Fairground arena to sho\* in front of an estimated 5,000 people. JOE and NELI WEBB must be congratulated for the magnificen job they did with this show. Under the sponsorship of the Joe Webb Stables and Xi Omega Chapter o Beta Sigma Phi, it was a huge success. From th< beginning of the show, when the song "These Boot' Were Made for Walking,” to the exhibitions of Rodgeri Perfection and Carbon Copy, the Webb family showec their enthusiasm for pleasing the spectators One of the highlights of the show was the presen tation of bronze plaques by Dr. Porter Rodgers Sr to all former world champion Walking Horse riders SAMPASCHAL, PERCY MOSS, ST e W hii T an awardsbb W6re am°Dg th°Se present to receive th< H°rs® iud8e for the event was Mr. DAVI 0aks Comers, New York. Each class w' weU filled with top Walking Horses from many state and David had a full-time job out in the center the nng. After the sh HXZ]YX[HYH[ۈ\[Y[HH^X]ܜ܈H؈™ۙH[Z[H\\˂B [\ԓSTSӈQT HԕTTԋ\œۈ\[[۞H\]Y\ܛY\ܛ[\[ۂY\HPSHTS URS [THS˂QUӑT HUQS[PTQHقZܛ\][ܚYH\^HHX\H[ۂH[\YX\[[H\X[HTˈSTS ]ؙ\[\YK\ۈYH™]HXZ][HYHHHXۈ\[K PP“TӋ[X\\܈HX\H˂