1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 40

rssf i ESCAMBIA ( N |crMtvie*A Sneads 0 (SANTA ROSA CinlonfMnto^W AMlltofl ZTSgftv / Chattahoochee T *“ A GuincyA o Havana OKALOOSA ■» • - T Nicevilleo ■ Valparaiso Youngilowno O/'°0 fleoch Ar^BAY ~V tT"7 ''H«ver> I Ponanla r, City^ sp.m«t.«w vv-SjoParker ' AVrtWahit< A { Bay Ha^bopCS ^ ... V Cope v Son Bloi ORLANDO, March 8-13 Blue Ribbon Winners • • • • • • • • • W p The 1966 FLORIDA SUNSHINE CIRCUIT again got the Horse Show kev word throughout the Florida Circuit as Mr. V. G. GOCHNEAUK captured the overall High Point Award in the Tennessee Walking Horse category with his magnificent Mr. Fashion Two Twenty, a black stallion that created quite a stir throughout Walking Horse ciccles. He is a great horse. Close behind in the High Point ratings was another top horse Shadow at Midnight, ridden by trainer PAUL SMITH for Mr. L. FRANK ROPER. The FLORIDA CIRCUIT has become known as the proving ground for many a top contender. Walking Horses, as yet, do not figure promi­ nently in these shows but we are making progress. It appears that this circuit was better organized this year than in the past and their shows keep getting better and better. More and more emphasis is being placed on assisting the exhibitors in making as much of the circuit as they possibly can in the shortest time. With a few obvious exceptions, the Walking Horse judging throughout the circuit was excellent. The big complaint, as we have heard it, was the type of turf that was available. Naturally the ground was sandy and loose, and this is not the best ground for the majority of show horses, including gaited and Walking Horses. Most trainers tried to compensate for the "heavy track,” however, and according, to reports were fairly pleased with conditions in general. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the SUNSHINE CIRCUIT HORSE SHOWS ASSOCIATION in Winter Garden, Florida, for their interest in Walking Horses and the consistent effort that they make to include more and better classes for this breed. To Mr. JOHN A. SNIVELY, President, and to his most efficient secre­ tary, Miss JUDY COX, goes a vote of confidence from the Walking Horse P«;uTheyuhaye made every effort the schedule the various shows, f ei, nfht f'af,ses a“d obtadl best judges to make their circuit a success for Walking Horse exhibitors. With over §100,000 in cash 8toreS'Thranw!fS andfnbb°ns’ we feel that the Walking Horses got their snare. I hanks again for a fine circuit! Silver Shadow’s Replica Mr. Fashion Two Twenty Go Boy’s Cinderella Shadow’s Gay Lady Sun’s Society Sun Dust Gal Again Go Sue Miss Amoret Little Evil TAMPA, February 17-20 Blue Ribbon Winners • • • • • Mysterious Shadow April Love Go Boy’s Knight Sun Dust Gal Mr. Fashion Two Twenty 1966 Complete results of the Circuit are found elsewhere in this issue. 42 Tennessee Walking VOICE of the I Horse