1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 39

NOTICE TO ALL WALKING HORSE OWNERS THE FINAL DATE FOR REGISTRATION OF ALL COLTS ; UNDER THE NEW 1966 RULING HAS BEEN EX- TENDED TO JUNE 30TH. ALL YEARLING REGISTRA- TIONS AFTER THIS DATE WILL COST $ 1 00.00. REG- i j ISTRATION OF ALL OLDER HORSES WILL BE RE- FUSED AFTER THIS DATE. i: i! FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT: i| TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE | BREEDERS ASSOCIATION i P. O. BOX 286 LEWISBURG, TENNESSEE What Lies Ahead? With the support of the entire membership toward electing the above-mentioned slate of new officers for the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders Associ­ ation, we can take the first step toward securing the future of the breed. There is a big job yet to be done, however, and these men cannot do it all by them­ selves. They must have the support and guidance of everyone interested in the future of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Regardless of YOUR activity within the Walking Horse business — whether you are a trainer, an Amateur exhibitor, a pleasure horse en­ thusiast, a breeder, or just an interested fancier of the breed — it is time to take a stand and make yourself known! It will take time to mend the situation as it now stands. We must present qualified and knowledge­ able representatives to the several other national organizations who are interested in the Tennessee Walking Horse and discuss our mutual problems. We must take organized steps toward the expansion of the breed. We must develop new markets for our horses. Most important of all, we must make the image of the Tennessee Walking Horse above re­ proach in all circles. It can be done! "Aside from the winners, who, understandably, sel­ dom complain about anything, participants in the opening show of the Southwest circuit at San Antonio a fortnight ago were caught up in a growing antag­ onism between saddle-horse people and the hunter- jumper exhibitors. Though they made up the largest division in the show, the hunter-jumpers felt they received second-class treatment from management, and that this led to bad scheduling and late hours. That the co-chairmen at San Antonio obviously were chiefly interested in saddle horses did not improve the situation. "This disturbing contretemps was even more ap­ parent at Winter Haven, Fla., last month; the jumpers felt like poor relations of the saddle-horse crowd. If it continues, such lack of understanding and com­ munication among people with a common interest could lead to more shows for specialized types only, which is deplorable. A good horse show needs a var­ iety of breeds and events.” This substantiates the feelings that Walking Horse enthusiasts have had for years . . . that they have been treated "like poor relations of the saddle-horse crowd,” especially in those areas where new interest and enthusiasm for this breed was creating a prob­ lem for both Saddle Horses and Hunters & Jumpers. We agree whole-heartedly with Editor Higgins and appreciate her lead in this matter. We did notice, however, that she failed to mention the fact that Walking Horses participated, without incident, in both the San Antonio and the Winter Haven horse shows. YOUR BEST CONTACT FOR TOP HORSES BROOD MARES - GO BOY mares in foal to MIDNIGHT SUN — Weanlings by MIDNIGHT SUN — Mares in foal to SUN’S DELIGHT - Top bred young mares by MERRY GO BOY and MIDNIGHT SUN — Top two*year-old and top three-year-old now under saddle and do­ ing well with Middle Tennessee trainer — .Top pleasure mares and riding horses — One good pleasure gelding, child broke — GOOD MARES AND COLTS FOR SALE AT ALL TIMES - WE STRIVE FOR THE BEST. Also ... a top black four-year-old MIDNIGHT SUN stud out of a LITTLE MERRY BOY mare for sale. CONTACT SPORTS ILLUSTRATED THOMAS EATON It was indeed gratifying to notice a recent article which appeared in the April 25 issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED which adds depth to our current sit­ uation. In her article entitled "Amateurs Took The Honors,” Editor ALICE HIGGINS, who is well known for her stand against certain phases of Walking Horse activity, made the following observations and com­ ments: 420 N. CHANCERY STREET May, 1966 McMINVILLE, TENNESSEE PHONE 473-2875 41