1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 37

GO BOY’S INVASION 550437 One of the all-time popular show ring performers ... Go Boy's In­ vasion has now invaded the ranks of the established breeding stallions. His get are considered truly out­ standing by all standards and one of his stud colts sold for the highest price on record for a yearling. He has color, conformation and quality and is passing his best on to his colts. Breed for the future . . . breed to Go Boy’s Invasion. Stud: Fee: $100 - Payable when Mare is Guaranteed Safe in Foal Me Sgpmm, 3of> IBleeiim md 'fyufa! GORDON’S MERRY BOY NOW ... we have brought to Middle Tennessee the blood line that is in greatest demand. The best of Merry Boy is found in this top stallion and he has the ability to pass this cov­ eted breeding along to his colts. Gordon's Merry Boy is a handsome iron gray stallion with truly magnif­ icent conformation. Every breeder owes it to himself to breed at least one mare to this stud in 1966. Stud Fee: $100 - Fee Payable when Mare is Guaranteed Safe in Foal | i i