1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 36

SUN DUST 481968 An outstanding stallion with a well- known show-ring reputation . . . Sun Dust is considered one of the most “potent” Tennessee Walking Horses now standing at stud. He has the ability to impart his own stamina, conformation and true gaits to his colts. It is with pride that his many admirers say “you can spot a Sun Dust colt a mile away.” They are set up like their sire and have his natural ability, and they are now winning in the showring. For a colt with real potential . . . make sure his pedigree reads “Sun Dust” on the top. Stud Fee: $150 with Return Privilege OWNED BY: STALL1 8 Miles North of Shelbyville, Tennessee, on Highway 41-A Office Phone 294-2911 (Shelbyville) Across the Road from the Vic Thompson Stables ^ Contact ED HORSE FOR HORSE . . . STALLION STABLES has the finest blood lines and individuals now available in the Tennessee Walking H ̸͔ͥ)=ȁх́ɕɕ͕щɕѡ)́Ѽѡչѥѡ)ɕ%Mոа é%م )ɑé5 䰁ݔ)ɔѼЁѼȁЁɕ)ѡЁѡɕєɕ)́ѡɕɅѥ)ѡ ɕ́ͽѥݔɔ)ЁɅͥȁMՐ́Ȁظ)]ݕȁͥ́)ȁЁ́Ѽ)ɕɽ̸5ȸ镱))ȸ́ɕ镐́ѡ)ɥѡ́)ݥͥЁԁٕ݅ͥ)i10)H5()$)!A(дԀ !