1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 28

Virtually no reaction with new Encephaloid vaccine You used to have two choices. Vaccinate, and put up with disabling side effects such as swell­ ing and persistent hard knots. Or don't vac­ cinate, and risk sickness or death of your horse from encephalomyelitis. Now there is 'Encephaloid. This unique new vaccine is produced by an entirely different process. Excess protein and other potentially irritating materials are avoided. Local and systemic side reactions are virtually eliminated. Now you can vaccinate your horse for encephalomyelitis without interfering with show schedules or disrupting training programs. Two injections of 'Encephaloid' 7 to 14 days apart will protect your horse from both the Eastern and the Western type of encephalo­ myelitis. The two-dose series should be repeated annually. Encephalomyelitis is on the increase. Last year it reached epizootic proportions in areas that had previously been untouched. Many valuable horses were lost. The danger season is approaching. Be safe. Have your horse vaccinated now with Encephaloid.' It's an important part of your Managed Health Program. Con­ sult your veterinarian for details. Encephaloid ENCEPHALOMYELITIS VACCINE Fort Dodge Laboratories, Fort Dodge, Iowa