1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 27

Kentucky Walking Horse Association ; Inc. Georgetown, Ky. Box 622 Tennessee Walking Horses Today Must Have More Stamina Than a Thoroughbred To Build This Stamina Needed, You Must Start At an Early Age in Any Breed No Wonder Kentucky Leads All States In the Production of Horses That Have Such Endurance. Phone 863-0954 Stay in the Last Work Out with a Kentucky Raised Tennessee Walking Horse Three National Celebration Grand Champions and One Reserve Champion Were Kentucky Owned CONTACT THE FOLLOWING BREEDERS AND EXHIBITORS FOR YOUR TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE NEEDS 1. ALBANY. KENTUCKY 7. GEORGETOWN, KENTUCKY MIGHTY SUN. Champion Walking Horse Stallion, standing at Brown Walking Horse Stable. Fee: *100. return privileges. Horses trained, bought, sold. Don Calloway, manager-trainer. Phone 387-5389. Visitors welcome. MALLARD FARMS Registered Tennessee Walk­ ing Horses. GO BOY and MIDNIGHT SUN breed­ ing. We specialize In Young Show Stock. Brood Mares, and Yearlings. Billy Ray Parrish, manager- trainer. Phone 803-1368. 2. CAMPBELLSBURG, KENTUCKY Barnett Farm - Campbellsburg. Kentucky. Owned by A A. Barnett, 518 Murray, Frankfort. Kentucky. Phone 227-0252. At Stud: MACK K'S DRUMMER BOY: Sire. MIDNIGHT MACK K; First Dam, MID­ NIGHT SUN. Show Prospects and Pleasure Walk­ ing Horses for Sale. 3 DANVILLE. KENTUCKY MONNIE-JANE STABLE. Harrodsburg Road. Dan­ ville Kentucky (V3 mile north on Highway 127) Leeds Ballard - Henry Clark, trainers. Phone 236- 7305. DRY RIDGE. KENTUCKY OTTON FARMS. Breeder of Tennessee Walking orscs. At Stud: SUN S SECRET WEAPON. B. C otton. owner - R- Doyle, trainer. Dry Ridge, cntucky. 5 EDMONTON, KENTUCKY THOMPSON RANCH. Good Indoor and outdoor training facilities, selling, showing, and boarding. Also stud services. Carl and Jackie Young, trainers. EUBANK, KENTUCKY ncr Humphrey & Sons Stables StalUons at Stud MIDNIGHT SUN. MERRY GO BOY. GO BOY'S ADOW. Training, buying, and selling Tennessee ilklng Horses. 10 miles north of Somerset. High y 27. Eubank. Kentucky. MIGHTY SUN colts and top broodmares In foal to MIGHTY SUN. Yellow stallion, ROAN ALLEN breeding, at stud. Registered mares. *50.00; Pleas­ ure mares. *25.00. J R. Lewis. 8 . GRAYSON, KENTUCKY GRAYSON STABLES. Tennessee Walking Horses Trained. Bred, and Sold. R. G Justice - R. C. Graves, owners — Berry Coffee - Manager-trainer. 9. HARRODSBURG, KENTUCKY Gordon Stables. Harrodsburg. Kentucky. Boarding. Training. Sales. Phone 734-3781. SUN'S MIDN tBETRƖR'&VBc#RԔL*ФtB5T&B7FFrB&Ɩ6FRf&g&ƖFVW76VR7GVBfVSTĴ$5D$U2"B'2v&FvFW"vW'2आV6W7F&W2&6B&BWwFV*ЧGV6B7GVC4Du24dĔU"B4*ФDu2U%%tĴU"V&&BvW BG&W"R#cbӃ2ऒuDTET45DT5$U5Bd$FVW76VRvƶr'6W0&VvB6BBG&VBRbԔDDRu0$DRVGV6V"6cR2V憖W"vW"BG&W"wFVGV6R%3b#CS2D4cRTET4$5T5BTET4$B( TdT5D$U2&Vv7FW&VBFVW76VPvƶr'6W2&&FVBG&VB6B6vf6@W"WrFW&7F&R&&W'B"V6WvW"( @ג6Ɩ2vW"G&W"R##Ӄ#cR4$45D$U2t$u2T"7FFpB7GVB6G2B'&B&72f"6RW3#S2F3#3"vG2BԔDDU4$$TET4eU45D$RRbtB5Tu2t$&VBFגgW6R#C##sRUr45DRTET4fBB&W''&Vv7FW&VBFVW76VRvƶp'6W2( B'&B&W2V&Ɩw2GvՖV"G0f"6rBV7W&R6Wr67FRVGV63CbS3r"3CbSSऄŒ5D$U2RbdTdUBDP5D"SccRB&Vv7FW&VBFVW76VRvƶp'6R7FƖT$c#3CRvW'3"@'2r2&6WGG2B֗726R&6WGG2W33CbӃ"3CbӃSf6F'2v2vV6R"UuDTET42Bf&FTr&BvR&&BG&6r( &'WB6V&Vv7FW&VBFVW76VRvƶr'6W2दW''4V6RvW"FR#cb3RvBR#css"rUdRTET4Rb4u2$4tBbvW"<*ЦWrW7F6RRC3rs#bFVFVF6FV@F&fVVBbFR'&VVBआV'W27F&W2R#cs#F6fRशVGV66vrFFWW"( BG&VB'6W2FWW"'6W2f"6RT%$TET4rg&"W67VRF27F&W2'&VVFr6W2ХG&rB֖W2g&w&VFW"66F''BआV'&VGV6Rcscsb'&FW"F5$BbԔDtB'&VVBf"*ЧGW&&ƗG7F֖B6f&Ff"6S'&B&W2V7W&R&Fr'6W26r&<*ЧV7G2vV&vR''VfVBRRCS#WfVw2b45dRTET47FFr5T( 2$TdT5D'ԔDt@5Tf'7BF44EBu2dTŒEgUPTTET4f&W7BfWrf&22'6W2&VvB'&VB6BBG&VBG&W"%T6'&wFvW"f&W7@&w&fRVVGV6R3B3C&V6Sf&6r'6W2B'&VVB7F6f"6RBFW2"B'2&fWGBVVGV6RCRcC#UDTET4$BDU%%5D$U2&Vv7FW&VBvƶp'6W2bGW2f"6R&&BBG&rB7GVCt$tBDR5TvW"BvW"&BFW''G&W"6V6WGBRS"3c#S3#tdU$ŒTET4'v66"f&R2vvc%#vfW&ǒVGV6R#ccb7FFrB7GVCt$u25TU&6S#c"'U%%t$WBbԔDtB5T&SB"5TU( 2tU"26'&Vc#3CvVƖw2৖6%Vw2B'&B&W2f"6R