1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 23

the HI LINE from the Deep SOUTH By Billy Joe Ann Esiess Box 222, Kentwood, Louisiana Hi! The JIMMIE HOLLOWAY Sale seemed to be its usual big success with just about all members of the Walking Horse sect on hand. Good horses were selling well and pleas­ ure mounts were enthusiastically purchased. Spring fever was running high at Hattiesburg recently, where South­ ern Mississippi University students put on their first Walking Horse Show. Even though it was these youngsters’ first try, let me be the first to congratulate them on their efforts. The show was smoothly and efficiently run, with prime prizes of­ fered. I think everyone enjoyed showing there and will look forward to returning next year. While at the Hattiesburg show (the first of the season for us) I had a delightful chat with DOUG WOLA- VER, who was JIMMIE LACKEY’S guest. I hope that we will be seeing more of this fine young man in our part of the country. I was especially glad to learn that he has Go Boy’s Lady Beech at his barn. This colt is a full sister to our Go Boy’s Wild­ cat. I am anxious to hear of her progress under the competent tute­ lage of Mr. Wolaver. We are looking forward to the big Lions Club Horse Show in Shreve­ port, Louisiana, May 12, 13, and 14. It’s their first show in a long time and it should be a good (un. Other shows in this vicinity coming up soon include: Poplarville, Miss., on May 14; Mendenhall, Miss., on May 20; Magee, Miss., on June 3; at Pearl (right outside Jackson), Miss., on June 4. Unfortunately, Meridian, Mississippi, willhave their show on June 4, too, and I just don’t know how I’m going to make both of them. Our own Southwest Missis­ sippi Horsemen’s Association Show May, 1966 in McComb, Miss., is on June 10, with the Roxie, Miss., show the fol­ lowing night, June 11. The Natchez, Mississippi, show was held this past weekend (this is their spring show) and it’s always nice to visit Natchez in the spring, but especially so when they’re hav­ ing a show . . . and especially, especially nice when Estessa Sta­ bles can bring home five First Places! We are anxiously awaiting the ar­ rival of our frst colt by Wildcat out of a double Merry Boy mare. Bye now! If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. — Thoreau HOWELL'S JOWL SWEAT STRAP • Made from Best Grade 4" White Girth Webbing—LINED WITH SOFT WHITE FELT WITH ADJUSTABLE LEATHER STRAP AND BUCKLE • Will Fit All Horses • Will Stay in place and really do the job. Price $6.00 Postpaid Anywhere in U.S. BEN HOWELL & SON SADDLERY CO. Dull coat? Dry coat? Brittle coat? Try MIRRA-COAT! U) A small amount mixed with, or sprinkled over, the daily ration will help turn coarse, lifeless hair into a smooth, glossy coat. MIRRA-COAT is a carefully bal­ anced blend of polyunsaturated fatty acids; vitamins A, B6 and E; plus other nutrients so necessary for developing and maintaining healthy, pliable skin—a sleek prize­ winning coat. The same formula used by mink ranchers to help pro­ duce glossier, more lustrous pelts, MIRRA-COAT also helps stimulate the re-growth of hair over thin or bare spots, helps rid horses of scaly skin and loose dandruff. Have you ever seen dapples on animals only 3 weeks off the rough? Stock, use and recommend MIRRA- COAT — now available in 3-pound gas-packed canisters. Call your veterinary distributor or write The Borden Company, Feed Supplements Division, 350 Madison Ave., New York, New York 10017. "Everything for the Horse & Rider" 138 S. 2nd St. Memphis, 3, Tenn. 25