1966-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1966 May Voice RS - Page 10

VOICE LATE NEWS AP NEWS RELEASE CREATES NATIONAL STIR THROUGHOUT WALKING HORSE BUSINESS EDITOR’S NOTE: The following news release appeared as an AP story in newspapers across the nation Thursday, May 12, 1966. Needless to say. Walk­ ing Horse enthusiasts from coast to coast have rallied around a common cause to relay the facts to those who would destroy our breed. The follow­ ing "White Paper" arrived recently at the VOICE office and expresses the vast majority of opinions regarding the subject at hand. W'e are indeed grateful to Mr. GEORGE H. HOLMES. Chardon. Ohio, who is a life mem­ ber of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders Association and has been a key personality within the Walking Horse business for years, for preparing this article. "Tydings Seeks Horse Gait Law "WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal law against inter­ state shipment of horses that have been abused to alter their natural gait was asked Tuesday by Sen. .JOSEPH D. TYDINGS, D-Md. 'The widespread abuse of the beautiful walking horse for the purpose of affecting its natural gait,’ requires corrective legislation, he said in a prepared Senate speech. "Tydings explained that the back stride of the Ten­ nessee walking horse, a favorite mount of President .JOHNSON, is long and that its front feet barely touch the ground. This prancing step, he said, makes the horse a show ring favorite. "Tydings said, however, that some unscrupulous owners and trainers have found that the desired long- striding step can be obtained by "soreing” the horse’s front feet, usually by using chains or tacks inside the quarter boot or by applying a burning agent to the pastern, the area just above the hoof. Another tech­ nique cited was the driving of a nail into the tender- part of the hoof." WE ANSWER AS FOLLOWS: "The festering feud between the Tennessee Walking Horse exhibitors and the hunter and gaited horse own­ ers has finally erupted with the announcement that Senator .Joseph Tydings, Maryland Democrat, has in­ troduced Federal legislation to prohibit the interstate shipment of Tennessee Walking Horses. This is under­ standable as Maryland and its neighbor, Virginia, produce the majority of the hunting horses and sad- dlebred horses in America. "As long as three or four pleasure Walking Horses piddle-paddled around the nation’s horse show rings, there was no animosity or hostility from the exclu­ sive hunting crowds and the expensive gaited horse breed. But after World War 2, when the population exploded into the suburbs and rural areas, the family pleasure horse took on new meaning. For those home owners who couldn’t golf or boat, a couple of acres of grass and rural roads gave birth to a family recre­ ation project that could fulfill the new demands for togetherness. Five hundred thousand families became enamored of the horse, spurred on by the emergence of the horse, as a television star. Beginning as week­ end recreation, the project burgeoned into a horse for each member of the family and soon into family breeding and exhibiting stables. But a person who has a pretty good horse has to have a place to show it, share it and enjoy it. The snobbery of the Hunt Clubs barred the doors to these new horse lovers. The astronomical prices of the best gaited horses, Arabians, Morgans and other breeds provided a form­ idable financial barrier. The long hours, skill, and hard work required to bring a 1200-pound beast to show peak discouraged many weekend riders. "Then out of Middle Tennessee came the perfect horse for this kind of post-war American. Gentle, pretty, easy YZ]Y[XXKH[[ܜB\H[\H\&\^Y\ۈX\\BZ[[[YH]\Y[YHHY [Z]وH[[ܜKܜH[Z]Y\[\H][]ZY[[ܙH0B\H[][]KY[[YH[[ܜB\\ˈH][ۘ[[[ܜH[XpB[ۋ\HHܛ[\[ۈ[[ܜH\›[YY[[][K[\YKܙ]HH\B\HXوHY[HY\ܜB[[Y\XK\YX\]H[[[XB][ۘ[ܜHH[[ܜ\]B\Y[YY^\[\ˈ\\Y[\0BX]Y[ܜH[ݙ\[Y\XK[[B\ۈۘHHH[[ܜKH[\\[\YYˈYY\و[\YXYܰB\\XX[[\Y[Y[][H] BˈHY\[ܛ]HܜHY\0B[YH]Yو\YY\H\\pB[YHX[\[\Y\]\\[ۙ\[ X\[[[\[XKB]]\[YZ[H[[ܜHHܛBوܚ]X\HوHX[\[XH[[ܜB\Z[Y ]\ZYH\\YXX[HZ]Y]ܝY[Z[[Y]ˈHKˈ\\Y[وYܚpB[\H[ NL̈\YYYH[[ܜH\B\[]HYYXX[HYH[KLLMZ] ]H][ۈHYۛܙH\˜\YX][ۈ[[\Y][[ܜH[B\HܝY[[[[X[^HYYH[YBXX]H[KU]\X[ۚ\[H[X[BY]Y\Y[^H[X][[X[܂YYX[\X\ ^HYۛܙHو[X][]Y[Hو\Y[\K\Y[\[[\Y\]X]HYY[[XZ[[[HوH[[X[˂\Z[H[[[ۘ[\X[]XHpBX[H\]و[[Y\X[ݙH]^BX\YH[[ܜHۙ\\H[ۜ\™ݙHZ[[\ܜx&\ܛۙ][ \\[ˈ H^HXYH[\\وXYZ[\YۈHܜx&\Y]XHHZ]]\B[HوHܜHܛ \\[H]H\XHX\KYYK[\HX^H]HY[[[Yۛܘ[Z[\[\^YH[\HوZ\ܜ\[\›X[\]\[YH]]\H[][]H[\˜[H\\[X] X[X][X\BZ\[[H۸&][\\[]\[܈[X\Y^HوYK[ܜ[X[[\B\HXX\[\[H[ܜH܈\›ۈX\\H܈܈H[ˈ]H\\œ\\Y [YYH[[\X[H]Y][B۝[YYۈYH BLPHوH[\YH[[ܜ