1961 Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 30

L O R D TAY L O R of WARWICK Adversity Makes You Who You Are. Written by Michael Gregson Photography by Abul Shah Gracious Photography I do not profess to be a lover, or even a casual observer, of British politics. To me, the British parliamentary system is akin to watching very expensive paint dry while some high born codger provides the play-by-play. Nothing can take longer to accomplish nothing and be painstakingly boring while doing so. Enough said on that. Once in a while however, a politician can break the monotony and stand out above the crowd for one reason or another. Of course, here in Canada we very rarely find this elusive mixture of competency and panache unless you count Doug Ford, who has neither, but brazenly mixes incompetence with a distinct lack of intelligence set at high volume. In short, not the direction we should be going. However, we can harken back to the days of Pierre Trudeau, one Canadian who made politics truly interesting and, in my opinion, made the notion of government accessible to the people. Love him or hate him, he had a unique flair and has proved an outlier in our parliamentary 7VGW&RvBFvWBfbFvVB'WBw&vrW6Fখ66GF&ƗF72v2BW7FǒFb֖B2WfW 6rrBFW&7FVBvFגƖfRbv666WBv&2गB2vFW"vB'&F6ƗF72BfRFR6PWFW2&W76Rb6rח6Vb( vBV6R2( Х6vVv2vfVFR'GVGFFW'fWr&BF"`v'v67FfRV&W"bFRW6Rb&G2BvW7F֖7FW R~( gFRVB'VFrFvFFR&r66F6B( v( FVb6W'6R6B( 7W&RfRF( G6