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Tis the Season to be Stressed Out L et’s face it, the holidays can be downright stressful. Between the shopping, travelling, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The good news is that there are ways to curb the stress. It’s time to take charge of the holidays instead of letting them take charge of you! Before the holidays begin, stop and ask yourself, “What are my expectations for the holidays? Are they realistic?” Much of our holiday stress comes from expecting everything to be perfect or to be exactly the same as last year. In striv- ing to make this happen, we often wear ourselves out and wind up disappointed. The house doesn’t need to be spotless and you don’t need to try to make it the most enchanting Thanksgiving/Christ- mas ever. Instead, set a few simple goals and think of ways to make them easier to accomplish. For instance, if hosting dinner is important to you, try buying some prepared dishes instead of making everything from scratch, or if you’re a stickler for homemade foods make some things ahead of time and freeze them. You could also ask other family mem- bers to pitch in and bring their favorite dishes. If your goal is to spend quality time with your kids while they’re home from college, try asking them to bake or shop with you if they’re up for it. Find things you know they’re interested in and set aside some time to do those things with them. This can be something as simple as playing a board game or taking a trip to the movies. Sometimes other people’s expectations overwhelm us more than our own. You have to make the green bean casserole exactly how grandma makes it, even though you hate that recipe. Or you have to go to your sister’s house for Thanksgiving, even though she always drinks too much and makes a scene. If there are traditions that truly make you miserable, make a pro/con list of all the reasons you should continue them and all the reasons you shouldn’t. Think about what would really happen if you didn’t use your grandma’s recipe or if you chose to visit another family member. Maybe some people would be a little miffed, but those changes could also lead to something better. Regardless of what you decide, the point is to be conscious of what you’re doing and how it makes you feel. Don’t continue doing something that makes you unhappy just because that’s how it’s always been done. Money and fi nding gifts for family members is another thing that makes us frazzled. If overspending sends you into fi ts of anxiety, try setting a budget on ho ]X[H[[ۈXX\ۈ܈HXܙ][H[Z[HY^[K[H[[ۘ]H˜\]H[H[Z[HY[X\&\H܂][\ؘY\\HHXZ[šY[XYHYˈ[\H\[]]\[ۙH[%][X\۸%[]]HوY\ܚ[ B\X\]\˂HY^\[H\XX[B\Y[x&]HX[HHݙYۙB܈\H[Y[\[B[Z[HX\KX\H]ܘH܂HX\XYK[ܝ[][K\H\œ]\H]ۈ܈ܚYYY[x&]HY[ۙHH[K۸&]HܘB[\[HY\[X]\HوBY^\ˈ]8&\^HY[ۋ]8&\›^HܞH[^\[\Y[[˂XX]H[H\HX][H[H[Y][]ZBZ[HܝX][ۈ]HY[܈[Y\[[\[YY [[[HY]]HY[[[œY][[[[HY[\š\]Y XݙH[[K۸&]HYZYœYZٙ\[ۘ[[Y[HYY] ܈YHو\H\\\قHY^\\۸&]H[܈B[܈X[[]][[ق\[Z[H]\Y[\ۙHًH[]H\ۈ\ۘ[]Y\[Y\[\[][HX\HXXX\Hܛۙ^K[HZY]H[][Z\[Y[ۂ[\ZY܈H\Z[[]‘SH8(SԑSS8(SPTSՑSPTPSPT M•ܚ][Hܞ\[[Z\XZH\\X[X\ˈ\B[H[][\[\[[]B[HY][܈H\وH][[˂\H\H^\]\\[BYX^H]Hۈ[K[YܙHB]\[Y[]Y^H\H[B[]܈][Z[HY[X\[x&[XHˈXZHH\و^][œ[[HXXH[\H[x&\BX][\ Y[[X\B[[[\\[]YXK[Z[[\[]]\۸&]X[HX][K[\][8&\ZY[Y[X^HY[HZB^x&\H\Yۘ]YXYH[H܈[K]X[H]8&\HYX[ۈوYH[\Z[XH]\Y\[ [[\H\[X\]Y\ڙXY]\ X]\[ܞH[HZYY[ HZ]YܙHXZ[ˈH[X\[H]H]\ۈ[\[HY[]XY ][[X][H]\^X\]\H[B[ۋ[XY [\HXۛYH[\Y[[[ZHHX][][B܈^\H[\[Y[H]H˂][]\[Z]\\\\ۙ[HY][Y[H^KۛH\\H\ۈٙ]XZ\[BHY\\ۈ[H]X][ۋX]\][\Y\Y^B\܈\]8&\[\ܝ[XZH[YB܈[\[[ZHHX]\\H\˜YY]\HXHH]H[][[HKX^XH]8&\H\X\YKHX]]Y[K[]\\܈[\\&\[X\[HܜXH\[[ˈY[H]\YH[وH\]\ٝ[H[\H[]\HBܙX]\X\\\˂\\΂X[Y[Y^H\][[[X^K][[[X˛ܙX[ \BX\X[Y[ZY^K\\ܘ\ \\K \܈X[[]YH[[Z[H\[HY^\XH[[ X[[ K؛˜\]\̌ LKLK͋]\Y܋YX[[B] YYH[ Y[Z[KY\[]KZY^\\\\[ۋ[HY^\Έ\܈ B[X^[[XX^[[X˛ܙX[KBY\[K\[X[Y[Y[ [Y\ \˜\ L M Z^KBL