101 Homes completed - Amoria Bond & Project Peru - Summary Amoria Bond Project Peru Summary 2017

Amoria Bond Charitable Trust AUTUMN 2017 PROJECT PERU - 6 YEARS - 101 HOMES! YOU made it happen Leaving a legacy A purposeful life is one which contributes to the world outside our own immediate sphere & positively impacts the greater good. Collaboration This was an international team effort. It wasn’t a simple handout. Local elders, builders & community were involved the whole way through. Employment has been created, hope has been generated & 100’s of people have realised that there are people they will never meet from the other side of the world who care enough to help improve their lives. Volunteers Over 6 years, 3 groups of volunteers have given a week of their holiday leave, raised at least £1000 & self-funded their trip to contribute to this project. We did it, together… It’s a great honor to announce that over the past 6 years (along with the support of 1000’s) we have realised our first pledge of Amoria Bond Charitable Trust to help create 100 homes, housing 600 people in the extremely underprivileged Las Laderas community of Lima, Peru. These warm, humble people who are faced with a daily struggle to carve out an existence are immensely better off for the homes you've helped create. The homes provide protection from the elements, warmth from the risk of bronchitis, locked doors for security & a safe space to create a home…..albeit very simple by many western standards. THANK YOU A huge thanks to every single team member (past, present & future) who’s made the commitment to help make a difference. Outstanding effort! 1