100%Attitude Issue 1 February 2014 - Page 5

"Punk rock as it should be" - BBC Introducing If you saw The Cottonettes in passing you’d find it hard to link the trio with their sound. There is little to suggest that the band creates anything to do with "punk". There’s something about their look that brings a British aesthetic to mind, similar in aura to bands like Arctic Monkeys and the late 2000s indie-rock scene; nothing like the ‘77 culture that would have been part of the Oi! Scene. The band, which hail from the Surrey/Hampshire borders were formed by Cockney twanged ragamuffin, and hair stylist, Benjamin Madle, in February 2012. A catalogue of songs about his social observations, and encounters with bizarre characters mixed with a despondence for the hum drum made Ben realis it was time to form a band. He quickly recruited an old rival, renowned curly headed gobsh*te, Josh Young. They have played high profile gigs, with award winning bands like, The Virginmary's & Oi legends Hardskin at some of the best venues in the UK including The Boileroom, Proud Galleries, Putney Halfmoon, West End Centre and for some of the most respected promoters around. The band have created stirs in the right places and have a very healthy fan base who appreciate how the band seem to have seamlessly morphed the sounds of the bands they have been heavily influenced by into a unique and very punk sound.