100%Attitude Issue 1 February 2014 - Page 3

THE ECLECTIC MIX SALISBURY LIVE! FUNDRAISER VISION ROOM @ THE CHAPEL 31/01/14 The Salisbury Live weekend, or two as it became last year, has become one of the highlights of the local music calendar during the last decade or so of its existence. However, while we enjoy our free music around the city, for many people their only contact with Salisbury Festival, it gets more costly to keep up, and improve on, the standards its set itself. With that in mind some fundraising events have been organised, starting with this, the Eclectic Mix. Kicking off proceedings was a late addition to the bill, Lucas Hardy. Armed only with a battered semi acoustic guitar, he warmed the crowd up nicely with his punk tinged folk songs. Next up were The Strugglers. Their set is always fairly Stranglers loaded, and tonight we were treated to a complete set dedicated to the MenInBlack. Five Minutes, Hanging Around, No More Heroes, even Tank, all delivered in Col’s unique style! Continuing the eclectic evening, more Salisbury Live regulars, the Kings Of Lounge. Very accomplished musicians, these guys, they provided some laid back relief to the proceeding. Joined by Corridors’ vocalist Caroline we were treated to some very individual versions of classic numbers. Kicking off with the Shangri-La’s, through Amy Winehouse, finishing up with Pale Blue Eyes, composition of the late lamented Lou Reed.