100%Attitude Issue 1 February 2014 - Page 25

We were gutted, but it then sparked a fantastic media debate about the fate of abandoned buildings which are bought and subsequently neglected by property ‘developers’. We enjoyed this unexpected debate enormously, and were thrilled when local arts organisations and festivals clamoured to borrow the Meadow yarnbomb for their events, and we were happy to loan it out (and still are). We also learned much from this yarnbomb too, namely to be bloody careful where we put up our hard work! So what makes a good yarnbomb? While purely decorative yarnbombs can raise a smile and cheer up a dull or grotty area of a town or city, yarnbombing has moved on considerably in the past few years. It’s becoming old hat to simply cover a tree trunk or hang up a few pompoms. That’s fine for a first project, but to continue to surprise the public and make an impact is harder. It’s like a band making “the difficult second album”; after the initial splash you have to show the public what else is possible in yarn. Currently, Salisbury Ninja Knitters are planning and making their next big yarnbomb, and it’s HUGE. It will be in central Salisbury, the theme will be fun, relevant and have a positive, upbeat message. Other than that, I’m not telling ya nuffink! And in the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about Salisbury Ninja Knitters (or even join us), you can look up ‘Salisbury Ninja Knitters’ on Facebook and leave us a message. Knitting and anarchy are not mutually exclusive.