100%Attitude Issue 1 February 2014 - Page 17

Open and ready to bring the noise!!!! Reopened in April 2013 Wiltshire College are offering a set of local rehearsal spaces within the college building at a very affordable price. The rehearsal spaces come in all sizes, catering for every size band, purposely built for their job and featuring a comfortable environment for bands to rehearse for upcoming gigs or write a new song or two. Currently for new members of the rooms, the college are offering one free evening session to get comfortable with the rooms and ensure they cater for each bands individual needs. The rooms are open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5pm-9pm and feature a drum kit, Marshall guitar combos, a bass amplifier and a set of vocal microphones. Also included in the room is a small PA system loud enough for the vocals to be heard over the loudest of drummers and gives the option for keyboard and acoustic guitars to be heard. If new members wish to continue rehearsals at the college after their free evening session there is a fee of £10 p/h with a two hour minimum to allow for set up and break down. There is also the option for recordings to be done at the college at the fee of £100 for the night from 5pm-9pm. This evening recording session includes use of any of the college microphones, equipment, use of the "Orange room" studio and a live room of the bands choice. The recordings will be carried out by exstudent turn employee Scott Batt, who completed 2 years of college studies and now works running the rehearsal rooms and recording studio. Scott is currently recording the Salisbury band, FoxPunch's debut LP "We Can Win" at the college and plenty of exciting projects in the near future. Bands currently rehearsing at the college include punk-ska band Foxpunch as well as the award-winning Salisbury band The Intercepteurs and the self proclaimed kings of "Mongrel Rock" Lump. The