100%Attitude Issue 1 February 2014 - Page 16

The SDC were worse than useless An STD is one and the same The RAC have a road to nowhere You and me know who’s to blame A new landmark to rival the henge Drive the City Elders around the bend Take drugs, have sex, drink beer on Salisbury Pier Cash in hand, the foreman was bent Barry Ton***’s was in his element Take drugs, have sex, drink beer on Salisbury Pier Written by Colin Holton and performed by LUMP “I can remember many late nights and early mornings frequenting the ‘road to nowhere’. ‘After hours’ parties direct from The Star, beer in hand, Dr Ronnie’s remedies in my pocket!” “Many a night in or on a cardboard box and back to the pub at ten AM!” “Was used by some great people as a stopgap when homeless and the atmosphere was always friendly, what was theirs was yours and what was yours was theirs, even your girlfriends!” “Even the Old Bill used to have a laugh till the City Elders ripped it down” memories of an old Salisbury Punk LUMP LIVE SALISBURY LIVE FUNDRAISER GOOD FRIDAY APRIL 18TH - THE RUGBY CLUB- FREE