The Current Buzz Newspaper Vol 2 Issue 2

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 2 I HAVE MY MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD What Do I Do Next? My Medical Marijuana card finally came in the mail after waiting for what seemed like an eternity. I learned the hard way you shouldn’t wear your glasses or smile showing your teeth when you take your picture for the Oklahoma Medical Mari- juana Card. If you do either of these two things (I am sure there are other small nuances the state can use to reject your application) your request for the medical marijuana card will be denied. After correcting all of my mistakes I waited about three weeks for my card to arrive in the mail. The card is elaborate. It has more holographs than a hundred dollar bill. My photo and birthdate appears twice on the face of the card. Presumably the barely visible picture (with holographs) in the lower right hand corner makes it more difficult to counterfeit. This card is well thought out to insure the correct identity of the bearer. Turning it over I am first warned of the dangers posed by use of medical mari- juana, and provided with the number to the Oklahoma Center for Poison and Drug Information. (Has anyone ever overdosed on marijuana? No!) I then learn, pursuant to Oklahoma law “license holders are legally authorized to: 1. Possess up to three (3) ounces of marijuana on their person; 2. Possess six (6) mature marijuana plants; 3. Posses six (6) seedling plants; 4. Possess one (1) of concentrated marijuana; 5. Possess seventy-two (72) ounces of edible marijuana; and 6. Possess up to eight (8) ounces of marijuana in their residence. It then says if I carry this card with me at all times I can possess this much mari- juana! Wow, that is a lot of medical marijuana! I keep thinking to myself “didn’t my wife’s cousin go to prison for two years just for possessing four ounces of marijuana?” And he is still at some kind of work camp. I can’t believe I can possess this much marijuana and he is doing time for the same thing...only less. What the hell is this Russia? 08-08-1988 Lincoln Abraham Jr Tulsa Tulsa LINCOLN / 08-08-1988 AP-FADDKJLJ-828Y4983Y-KSLJSJ-019