Ditchmen • NUCA of Florida - Page 5

what we could and could not do. Through the support of the Association and its key members we were able to have several interesting meetings with the Plumbers Association. We were able to talk and negotiate an agreement that actually changed the scope law with our licenses. Mike said ”If it were not for the Association and its dedicated members the work scope of our licenses would be significantly different and we would not be able to do all work we currently enjoy with our license”. Mike knows people ask why they should pay the money to belong, “well here you are, if it was not for things like this, our Contracting lives could be very different and not for the best”.

Ryan Schmitt says “it was a relationships that I made in NUCA, that led me to meeting Jill, the love of my life” of course Ryan had several other great stories to share about NUCA helping him grow his business, but who was paying attention after he dropped that story.

For generations, NUCA has helped utility and excavation contractors advance there careers, business and lives through networking and education. Membership opens doors to resources and events designed by industry experts. As you read this months newsletter please not the numerous activities, events you can get engaged with at your local chapters, at the state and national levels, your involvement is a pathway to success.

In your service,

Lauren C. Atwell