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Standard Precast, Inc.” had humble beginnings in 1965, on a rented lot 60’ wide x 400’ long, with a pouring slab 14’ x 20’. We then had a capability of pouring two rather shallow 48” manholes per day.

From persistent belief in the advantages of quality Precast concrete, responding to the needs of Contractors and Engineers, and coming up with solutions to those needs, we have evolved into a company of current status, producing a broad spectrum of Precast concrete products, for various applications.

Our modern plant facility has over 99,000 square feet under an overhead electric craneway, with eleven cranes, and a lifting capability from three tons to thirty-five tons. All of this production area is under cover.

We own and maintain our own fleet of tractors and trailers. In our own fabrication shop, we build and maintain our forms for everyday structures. We also have the capability of fabricating steel forms, in a timely manner, to produce specialty items on projects, which lend themselves to cost savings, through the use of quality precast concrete. We also fabricate steel and aluminum accessory items, such as grating, special hatches, and many other items, either incorporated into a structure or as a field-installed item.

Throughout our existence, we have maintained an attitude of involvement and concern, as our name implies, for Standards and Specifications that are simplified, yet fulfill a need.

Toward that goal, we have maintained active participation in the “National Precast Concrete Association”, “The Associated General Contractors Association” (Associate Member), and “ASTM Committee C-27 Precast Concrete Structures).”

In recent years, we played an active role in the “Precast Concrete Structures Association of Florida” with a goal of uniting the efforts of all precasters in our State of Florida, toward more uniform specification and cost saving goals. Already, many achievements have been made through the efforts of our Florida Department of Transportation Liaison Committee. Most notable are the elimination of steps from structures, the reduction of wall thickness on most of their detail sheets, and the elimination of haunches from structures. We are certified producers of Precast structures for both the Florida and Georgia Departments of Transportation.

Our long active, Employee Safety Program has contributed to a safe and organized working environment for our people. We also utilize staff personnel, as well as outside testing laboratories, to maintain quality assuredness of our product.

We are thankful to our Employees, many of whom have long service with our “family” organization, and who have demonstrated their dedication toward producing and delivery of quality Precast Concrete products, in a timely manner.