The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith

The change of feasts - the denial of faith «And his ten horns are ten kings that shall arise: and after them shall arise another, who shall exceed all the former ones in wickedness he shall subdue three kings. He shall speak words against the Most High and shall wear out the saints of the Most High and shall think to change times and law: and power shall be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time.» (Daniel: 7/24-25.) * «Let no one deceive you in any way! This will not take place unless the apostasy comes first and the man of sin 1 is revealed, the son of destruction. He opposes and exalts himself over all that is called God or that is an object of reli- gion, so that he sits as God in the sanctuary of God, presenting himself up as God 2 !» (2 Thess: 2/3-4.) The change of feasts - the denial of faith Excerpts from the Word of God 3 on this topic 4 … Let it be sought into the old calendars, so that it may be seen how the holidays are really to be kept. Take after the church book of hours, for only those remained after God’s will. The communists write whatever they want into the calendars. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 14-09-1984. *** … Come on, from now on, let’s move ahead with the fulfilment! But in order not to be disclosed, keep both of them at sight: the new style, but with a sincere heart, the old one, the Romanian one, and for what was broken as long it was broken, the one who had broken the arrangements is responsible. He is responsible, because you did not know until now. I did not tell you: I was afraid not to lose you. For after I had stopped the staining, many people turned their back on Me. If I had told you this earlier, you would have said that it was too much. Now, when the times are ready, I have told you how I can bring you near Me. For, behold, the fast of the holy apostles in the new style lasts three, four days, but in the Romanian style it lasts two, three weeks. The one who changed it will have a lot to answer, as, behold, he reached the evil before Judgement, and at the Judgement Day, he would have to be responsible for the people who took into darkness. If you want to respect the new style, I will consider it to, for what you did not respect until now. Pay back, therefore, Caesar’s things to Caesar, in order not to be disclosed and he might come against you, for if you give him what you should, you will cover what you want to give to God. Excerpt from the Word of God, from 11-06-1989 *** Let us shake our hands, flock with flock, brother with brother, and to stick our tent and to spread the meal, most waited by all holy heaven. Call upon your flock, My love, and tell it about My spring and about the thing that I am working in Romania at this time. Call your flock CT reads “man of lawlessness” CT omits “as God” 3 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. 4 Translated by I.A. 1 2 1